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We are 9 Years old today

Made me look back and record some of the initial / important conversations we had at the beginning,

[Our First Client] Can you help me? Please have a look at my website and tell me honestly what you think, thanks

[Delicious Webdesign] I see your website has been re-designed and now features in a few directories and search engines. There is a problem however as when you search for your website you get an old page, which is a dead link and doesn’t lead anywhere on your website. If you want I can fix this for you or you can get your web company to do it.

[Our First Client] Since speaking to you regarding the value for money I have received with my web designer I have grown more and more disgruntled. This is obviously another thing to upset me as a year and a half ago I actually showed her 2 or 3 sites that I wished mine to emulate.  I was told no problem but this is not the case as what she has presented looks at best amateur to say the least.  As you are the only person I can look upon as my “web guardian angel “! What do I do next? Do you fancy a little freelance job while you’re on your holidays?

Looking very good James, if any criticisms they are only minor give me a shout later and I’ll pop up and see you. If convenient for you of course, really think the website looks great, am about this morning and will speak later.

[Delicious Webdesign] (to Colleague) Had any more thoughts about starting the website design company with me? I’m getting more excited about the idea and think it could be a good idea but have looked about the web and seen that there are some seriously developed competitors out there already but think if we concentrate on a niche market of small companies (plumbing, sparkies etc) that either have no website or a rubbish one we can start to get customers I am sure. Mighty oaks grow from small acorns

Some examples of very mature companies that we need to aim towards perhaps

Example Websites Given

Technical services offered by them
ASP (.net)
Java (J2EE)

Design Services
Web design
User experience
DHTML / Ajax

This is the company that my first client used originally (I dont know how he ended up paying nearly £1k but live and learn !). Their website is probably something we can achieve very quickly and I like the template view they have of some example sites

Small Essex based one man company (company address is a home address)

This company has some nice graphics on the portfolio tab and offers flash animation (know nothing about that)

starting from £99 for quick template solution that we can offer also

Essex based – quite impressive clients