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Things I hate about websites

The Internet / Website world we work in isn’t perfect, which is good otherwise everything would be vanilla but sometimes things we see regularly really get to us, so here is a start of, what will probably be a long list, all the things we would rather not see on a travels around the Internet.

1, Website design companies that have great looking sites but their client sites in their portfolio are not theirs or they are completely rubbish or they are no longer live.
2, Sites that have W3C Validation icons, claiming to be valid but when the site is checked the site is not using (X)html or CSS valid coding.
3, Autostart audio and video on sites, its too intrusive and often frightens me!
4, SEO Cowboys, had a few clients come to me after being mislead / ripped off over SEO work completed (or not) on their sites.
5, How our Internet connection seems to only go slow when we are demonstrating things to clients.
6, Splash pages on websites, this isnt 1997!
7, Full Flash websites, ok there are some exceptions but standard business brochure sites dont need the added expense / hassle and bad SEO that Flash brings to the party.
8, Flash image galleries, yes they look nice but much better to have a javascript one thats quick and easy to update and much better for SEO.
9, Website visitor counters, not only does it give your competitors an idea how many visitors you have it just looks silly and dated.
10, High ranking sites that are over 10 years old, dont offer what you want and havent been touched / updated in that time.
11, Those widgets that invite you to book mark the site you are on in all the various social media apps.
12, Sites where you dont know what they offer within a few seconds.
13, Dead links, its so easy to check a website to ensure the integrity of its internal and external links, the web is a fluid thing and people should remember that.
14, Spam email, these people are targeting the gullible and they are probably driving fast cars and living in mansions, how did we allow that to happen?
15, Passwords, cant wait for biometrics to really take off when you get your retina scanned once per session and you are then signed on automatically to all sites that subscribe.
16, Filling out forms, I know there are auto-complete functions and auto-fill forms but please ! how many times do you think I have typed delicious webdesign !
17, Webpages that say something like: ‘news coming soon’, ‘check back soon to see if we have updated the page’, much better to have a little info instead of none on a page.
18, pages without a favicon, takes 2 minutes to create one and ensures your site is easily found among all my open tabs.
19, Online forms that ask too much stuff! people just get bored and dont fill them in.
20, Flash but just on the intro, mmm no thanks.
21, Ultra-critical people on forums that critique others but when you look at their own sites they are shockingly bad.
22, Dodgy colours, not everyone has an eye for website colours that work but there are aids out there and perhaps you should ask a friend before launching your site.
23, Images, especially on ecommerce sites, that say ‘click to enlarge’ and it gives you exactly the same sized image.