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SEO Success: The Delicious approach

Finding a lot of new clients and existing clients are wanting to increase their search engine rankings recently and requesting that we perform our SEO projects on them. We find that our ‘complete’ SEO project where we not only complete a thorough analysis / review and update of your website during the SEO project but we review all aspects of your site that may not directly affect your SEO but could adversely affect you in other ways and give options to fix / update them to the site owner during the review.

I sometimes describe our ‘holistic SEO’ approach as like hiring an external rendering company for your house but the rendering company, after a careful inspection of your house, tells you that there is some cracks in the structure that needs addressing before the render is applied, or they may tell you that your window frames are starting to perish and it may be cost effective to get them replaced before the rendering is applied.

I am attempting to state that we will not do a ‘cookie-cutter’ type approach to SEO, yes we have a framework that we work through. but we allow ourselves to look further into the site from its colour scheme to its navigation, site hierarchy, page sizes, W3C validations, browser compatibility etc etc to ensure we give our clients the type of service we would appreciate ourselves.

If you want your site fixed, updated, promoted or even just reviewed then we can do that and in doing it we will show you what we have done before for other websites and what we have achieved in terms of SEO improvements to rankings of other sites, after all anyone can talk SEO but how many can actually delivery and have a proven track record in SEO.