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It’s always great when we receive emails like this below where we have been recommended by an existing client. You can have online marketing and high rankings in Google but when we get new clients coming to us through word-of-mouth we couldnt be happier

[New Website Customer] I know you obviously have your website design company now in Stanford-le-Hope and that you built my friend’s website for him and have a good relationship with him. He is very happy with the work you done and it is always good to keep work close to the people you know so can you help? I really need a website. I believe I have a domain, well I have a business e-mail address and sure I purchased the domain name for the website also but can look into this. Just really need a website and was hoping you may be able to help.  Not sure if you work Google analytics also to increase hits etc?

Anyway, would be great if we could discuss you developing a website for me and of course the costs! I may need a second page also for my partner so could be some business for you. I obviously have a portfolio of work and have some ideas of how I would like the website to work but think you must be the expert so would be good to get your views also.

[delicious webdesign] Good to hear from you and happy to hear things are going well for you. Looks like you have your own website that you registered to your company name from your Basildon Address and that’s good, to create a website we will normally want to transfer that domain (20 minute job) and that’s something we have now done hundreds of times and is not a problem. The alternative is for you to have website hosting but normally that’s not cost effective for you and with us we have UK award winning hosting that allows us the flexiblity to add databases to your site quickly and easily.

The main concern is to find out what you want exactly and to give you what you want and to do that I have produced a questionnaire that is attached. Once you fill that out and return it we can offer you some ideas / advice and estimates. There is typically a few things new website owners don’t consider and perhaps the questionnaire will make you think about them but generally new website owners don’t consider the webcopy (text on the website), pro images (stock images to make the website look classy) and a news section (commonly called blog) all of which are required to make the site look and work well and to be well ranked In the search engines.

in summary these are the things to think about:

1, Looking after your website hosting your domain and emails

2, Creating a website and then promoting your website

3, Webcopy / text

4 Design of website

5 Stock Images – Pro images

6 News sections (blogs)

7 Promoting your website (SEO) you mentioned Google Analytics and we use this on all our sites but that is for monitoring site traffic / user behaviour and doesn’t actively ‘increase the website rankings’ for that we need to build a ‘solid’ search engine friendly website that contains good / relevant content. Luckily we are good at that 🙂

Will obviously be able to do you a ‘pacakge deal’ but before price is discussed I need to know exactly what you want and for you to understand it and know we can deliver what you want Any package we do for you will include the hosting / transfer / email setup / pro-photos as well as the design / seo / webcopy and proof reading.