Good to look back at our ‘current website clients and their first enquiries to us, we are very happy with the result of their website redesign and SEO, especially considering the very badly supported / updated / maintained website as we received it, see image.
We need you to look after our website, we have heard great things about Delicious Webdesign from a friend so please can you help us as the previous (current) website designer seems not interested in helping us. These are the following main points we would like to discuss with you and some issues we’re currently having:
Transferring all web development and hosting to your company
Website Support Agreements
Google Ranking
Server Speeds
Support provided and your SLA
General maintenance on website
Enabling tracking codes are effectively placed and managed
Page speed / Mobile Page Speed homepage in particular
Page optimisation for Computer, Tablet and Mobile screens
Improvements to Mobile page if required
We’ve done some further analysing of your website and good news is that it doesn’t need new website for the mobile. We’ve run through our reports and it does seem all fine and its not showing as a duplicate as we first thought.
Fixes we recommend:
Few pages have Duplicate Titles:
Meta Descriptions – Its showing up that a lot of pages have duplicate copy on the meta descriptions. Every page should ideally have a unique meta descriptions. If no meta description is entered then Google will automatically choose the first sentence.
It looks like WordPress is indexing a lot of unnecessary pages. These are known as bad landing pages, as they can be found by people on
Website Speed:
The desktop speed seems pretty good, but the mobile on 4g does seem slow. The reason is that when you are viewing on a mobile it directs you to the desktop version first then re-directs to the mobile site. The fix would be to lead it to the mobile version first, which should half
the loading speed. Ideally we wouldn’t suggest you have different pages for mobile and desktop versions of the website.
The annual website hosting cost will be discussed and we give you our commitment to your domain / hosting / email / support.
Website Speed
Slider Issue
Monthly Maintenance:
Backup (monthly)
Support for technical & SEO
Website Updates
I assumed you would be okay fixes the meta title & description issues, but let me know if you need any assistance on this.
The ‘website updates’ is for updates we do ourselves and any updates we are asked to do. If we are hosting the website we will also do a daily and monthly backup on the website.
If you could arrange for the mobile site to avoid re-directing that would be great. The pricing seems fine to me, however I’m just waiting for my wife to confirm she to ok with the pricing. You should hear back from us by next week.
If we drop the technical & SEO support then the monthly cost would be reduced slightly
We would like to know if there can be amendments for the Monthly Maintenance cost. Right now, we don’t require the technical and SEO support. On the other hand, we’d like to know more about ‘Website Updates’. Do this include updates you do yourself, as well as any minor updates we may ask you to carry out?
I have had a look at the costing, and have a few questions:
Monthly Maintenance:
Backup (monthly)
Support for technical & SEO – We do not need this at the moment
Website Updates – Does this price include if we request updates or changes to the site?
Can this monthly price be dropped slightly if we remove the SEO technical support and if you could contact us as and when it is required. I don’t think you will need too much support monthly from the company once the fixes are addressed, Here’s a list of the most important changes to the website:
Responsive web design for desktop, tablet and mobile views
Improve site speed by reducing images sizes, removing or compressing code, etc.
Improve the slider on the homepage, we should have marketing messages on them
Currently, those are the most important tasks

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