We generally charge 50% of project price to commence the project and the balance once the website is live and completed, we are pretty flexible but its not good to have to chase payments up after being ‘ignored’ which sometimes happens (in any business), this story is retrospectively funny and has a very happy ending, it happened a few years ago and will full approval here is my message to a client and their reply, which goes to show we can build and promote your website easily and efficiently, and your website will end up having a very rapid ROI on its development costs.
[Delicious Webdesign] Hi, just got your text, sorry to hear about your business issues / difficulties, any website snags can be quickly and efficiently sorted, please just email us with your snags / updates in a clear numbered list and we will resolve them within a few hours but the website was ‘perfect and great’ according to your managers before launch and think nothing has changed much since then/ As you know we pride ourselves with the quality of our websites and their Search Engine Friendliness so please give any snags you find to us, we have fully tested and reviewed the website before launch and again today and cant see anything obvious but happy to get your updates / snags.
Am quite disappointed that you are suggesting you wont pay your final balance for this site, by saying you want to talk about it again in a few months time. I think we would like / need the final payment now please as we have to pay the website developers graphic designers / hosting / software licences / server for your website and its simply not fair to put the final payment off for so long (we completed development in August and sent the invoice to you initially on the 18th August which is more than 3 months ago). We have also sent it a few times prior to today without any response / reply but I know you must have been tied up with work.I dont want to mention any legal avenues we could take but as we have completed work fully and in good faith with your instruction and agreement we are entitled to take this to a legal conclusion but am really hoping we can resolve this quickly and amicably.
As the site has been completed / launched since the end July and the final balance was due on completion of the website I believe its fair and reasonable for you to be expected pay fully now.
Looking at the stats now its started to attract a lot more interest in the last 2 weeks (see attached) after being fully indexed in Google (see attached), so in summary:
Project started
Deposit Paid 50%
Website launched
Website indexed by Google
Visitors 2383
Google Places – 555 Views / 220 Clicks / Map Views 91 (up 110%)
Final Balance overdue now by 13 weeks
Google Indexed Pages 26
Primary search term currently 9th in Google (after only a few months of launch which is very good so far)
Additionally, I recommended your company again previously when I visited another client and I hope you get a call for this job.
I recommend you share this text and link below to get more Google reviews (as you only have 2 currently from over 6 months ago) 5 is the goal that Google starts to recognise you fully.
Therefore please can you pay your final balance as I need the payment to be completed as this project is fully completed and payment overdue
[Website Owner] We have now been inundated with work inquiries and quotes from the website, things have changed 100% and you now have the full and final payment in the bank you gave on the invoice, can we now commence with the advanced SEO project to make the website more popular online? Sorry for any delay but it seems that this website has saved my Company from going bust, cant get better than that thanks.

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