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Website Questions

After we ask lots of questions on your website and you answer our website design questionnaire we then collate your information into a main website project pack, part of that information is below for you to see what detail we require when you want a website or a redesign of your existing website.

Overview: Client is looking for a visual, professional, captivating website that’s user friendly.

Give Some examples of websites liked (the first example is the one preferred)
Website Example 1 – visual writing, easy to read but striking I think I like the glossy kind of effect this website has? If that makes sense. Little squares you can click on for offers etc, id like them for facebook, twitter. Great to use the similar style of events, I like the hot pink with black and white so no need to 100% copy my leaflet. But some sort of ongoing theme would be nice.
Website Example 2 – the fb twitter sections at the top very easy toclick on, I lack this. the short testimonials, the little snippet pieces of information that draws your eye in.

I have a leaflet designed (attached) and the colours I would like to be used for the website as a slight ongoing colour theme though no exact requirement for this specifically

Questions asked and client answers

How many services do you want to offer and in what priority do you want to offer them? Different packages, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum – I need to elaborate in each section what I am able to offer and will research this and make this my first aim.

Are you targeting Essex 100% what places specifically ? Not Essex specifically, I am willing to travel wherever, though from what we discussed I believe you advised it is better for Google searches if I can initially promote/target myself to particular areas – so perhaps start with South, South-East, South-West and Midlands? If that’s not too many!

what are you favourite venues and locations? My favourites are wedding venues. As discussed – elaborating on particular wedding venues I have performed at would then mean me possibly popping up in search engines, should anyone searching for that venuel – I am keen to do this form of marketing and I think it would be a fantastic way to potentially target wedding clients.

How many images will you be able to supply? I have few live photos and few professional photos, which can be found on my existing website. This is something I wish to expand over time and like the idea of separating my live performance photos from my posey shots.

What about professional ‘stock images’ for your main page? Definitely keen to put this on my website and discuss why I use certain equipment and how good it is etc, sound equipment and stage lighting.

Do you have company colours? We have your flyer to go by here  I have almost a theme of colours and would like my website to have some relation to my flyers and business cards though not necessarily exactly the same. I visualize hot pink, black and white, glossy like the second example website layout, but including as much detail and content as the firs example website. But very open to ideas!

Do you have a company logo? do you have it electronically ? ideally in  ‘photoshop’  psd format No, logo as it stands is the main header of my existing website, but I do want to move away from that and would like to look into logos. Difficult to know how I would like a logo on my new website until its complete. Is logo something you can help with? Obviously we can create you a new logo but I would suggest that you dont ‘need’ one and you can use a stylized version of your name (like you currently have) this would fit well on top of your photos on the front of the new website (like your name on the photo)