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Websites need unique Webcopy

This exchange demonstrates how important having unique text (webcopy) is on your website after a website owner decided to submit some text to an affiliate website of ours that included text that was already on other sites:

[Client creating webcopy for website] Please can you review this, and tell me what you think of it. I would like to sign up to the 4 year subscription.

[Delicious Webdesign] Text is better but still its been generally copied from your sites, unique text on websites is a big SEO factor so its got to be unique, I would say there wasn’t enough text to match the others business entries and this is needed to do justice to your page, also happy to give you exclusive entry for your area for 4 years but if you think how many people are going to look at that page in 4 years and how many students you may influence its worth spending a couple of hours getting the text perfect.

Sorry to be so demanding here but once its done your entry and page will earn you student referrals and money for 4 years or more. Don’t forget we need a mini photo gallery for you also, you can email photos if you want.

[Client creating webcopy for website] I have many website that I keep updated with text and info about myself and the business / dive centre. How can I not describe myself without not describing myself? I mean that I have already done description about myself in other sites and its description is about a who and what I did and do. So if I was to describe myself without using something I have already wrote about me I would need to tell a lie!

I do understand that copy and paste and the uniqueness of SEO and FRESH TEXT. I would not want to keep the same text on the site for 4 years. I would need to update the text and keywording to have the search engine’s spiders coming back to review the new copy.

I will look at what you say and try to avoid text from other sites. If you tell me what questions you want me to answer I will answer them in the best possible way without verbatim. If I copy the questions from the page you first sent me, then I would not be unique. It would be questions you asked all the other businesses and be generic questions, is this what you require? How much text would you require for your questions?

What picture descriptions do you need for the gallery? IDC, Students training, students having fun? It’s not annoying, just need to get the idea of the style and format your are looking for.

[Delicious Webdesign] Google and the other search engines allow a small % of copied / similar text in relation to the bulk of the text before it gets flagged up as copied, when we have a page with 1200 words (like the other businesses have done) the question titles do not result in the page getting flagged up ( we use a tool to check this) but when the text body has multiple exact streams of words copied from another website it will gets flagged up. As well as this business directory we are an established SEO / website design company that has very strong SEO skills and knowledge and in some circumstances the search engine will not index a page when its deemed to be copied text, this does harm to the website obviously. I would go on about readability algorithms and metrics but think you will start to hate me. We have attached the document with required questions on it, I would also say that I don’t mind you adding more questions that you feel give your courses / facilities an edge. I have asked for the standard questions as this is what I think people will want to know and will find interesting and amusing.

Good photo titles and descriptions will involve the standard keywords around the main search terms that include padi idc, instructor-courses, confined-water, physics-dive-theory, knowledge-review, idc-students etc etc.