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multiple websites for new business

Recently had a new client that requires 3-4 websites to cater for his new business ideas, thought it was useful to document my thoughts and replies to his request for an ecommerce website, a graphic designer’s portfolio website as well as a main or master corporate website.

Due to the general nature of the initial request we were unable to give a  general / ballpark figure or estimate of the work required. To find out exactly what the client requires we normally need to meet them to discuss requirements additionally we use a website questionnaire to capture more business information about the required websites, as the client is  thinking of having multiple sites, we apply our  ‘multi-site discount’,  currently 10% of 2nd and subsequent sites.

Ecommerce sites – vary enormously and you can have a site that sells 3 things that never change and we can apply one solution or you can have a full ecommerce solution that has full back end database and admin functions to allow you to control your store and stock. estimated cost £599 – £2499

Static business brochure sites (suitable for a portfolio site the client mentioned) comes in 4 sizes and they are detailed here depending on the clients exact requirements view our website choices these have an estimated cost of between £399 – £1199

We give a discount for multiple site and always think it would be valuable to have a meeting / chat with new clients about their plans for their business and their websites and how we can ensure this is a success for them. There are loads of things to consider at this early juncture and we will need to chat to you to tell you more about the process and whats involved and to get a better idea of your requirements. This webpage goes some way to document our website development process.