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We just want more website leads

Here is an example conversation and responses from a home improvement company that desires and needs an increase in their website email and phone enquiries / leads from the website via PPC and SEO (natural / organic ranking) but as you can see from the replies our PPC and SEO specialists both give a clear idea about how a small amount of limited knowledge can be inadequate to give direct instruction and that the big picture should be addressed initially with experts opinions from each section absorbed and understood.

Home Improvement Company – We want to improve our ranking, we have done these searches and this shows how we appear to customers from the Google and Bing search engines. These searches were carried out on my iphone.

Recommended double glazing companies Essex
Double Glazing companies Essex
Window companies in Essex
Double glazed windows
Double glazing windows
UPVC windows

Can you advice on how this can be improved.

PPC Specialist – In terms of PPC we can introduce some of those keywords if you wish. What needs to be considered is the quality of the keywords in question, the volume of additional traffic and the additional costs that will ensue.

We can add all of the keywords that you are suggesting. However, the keyword ‘Windows’ should be considered very carefully because
a) the search volume will be huge
b) it may not perform due to it being a broad term
c) this will rise costs considerably, daily budget will no doubt be met very easily which could affect the performance of other keywords we already have working well.

I can add the other keywords you’ve suggested and measure the success of these if you wish?

SEO / Website Designers – Can I ask what is the purpose and reason for this instruction as believe you should think very carefully before creating a small / targeted list of search terms / keywords, before asking our PPC specialist and our website designers / SEO Specialists for advice on how to rank higher for them. It would be must more efficient to talk to your Delicious Webdesign Project Manager about this.

In terms of improving ranking, there are some basics that have been pending for a while regarding the content of the website that would naturally help rank the website higher for all search terms including the ones below, those pending tasks include:

1, provide full project details (text) of published projects (6 on the website that have no text)

2, add more projects to site (photos / text)

3, add more news items and keep adding them regularly (so far I don’t think any have been added my the company)

4, increasing content / followers / reviews on facebook / twitter / Google Local.

5, adding more photos to the galleries.

If these can be done or provided that would enhance the website and naturally improve its chances of ranking higher for lots of search terms. If the news section is used regularly with local search (areas / places / villages / towns) terms in the text / titles that would be useful for potential customers and the search engines could improve your local ranking for each one created.

Keyword research is one of the initial steps required to start most PPC / SEO campaigns and would be interested how you arrived at such a list as you have provided below. As highlighted previously the keyword ‘Windows’ itself is not truly relevant on its own especially as organically the competition is huge / page matches is huge / its not specific enough / it probably has a low conversion rate and its not specific / very general (Windows could be the Operating System).

Search volume can always be increased and from a SEO perspective on a mature site, like your own, by increasing and improving content (text / photos) this is the one thing I think should be concentrated on.

Hope this helps and doesn’t sound too demanding, have previously gone over all of the above with a previous manager at great length as you can appreciate, as always happy to help in any way

Home Improvement Company – Not at all, if you feel these should be a priority and will increase our website then I will get on to the relevant people. As per the PPC response, I think the suggestions are very helpful too, working closely together will help to get to where we need to be.

Could we also work on improving our Conservatory / Orangery leads? Would appreciate any advice on what you need to help get this activated.