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Webcopy Services

Please see below a summary of our services that we can offer you as part of our webcopy services. That we recommend to enhance your website design project.

Copywriting – Create the perfect copy and ensure your message is delivered accurately.
Proofreading – First impressions count, so make sure those overlooked errors don’t let you down.
English Editing – Let your communications speak in perfect English, wherever you are from.
Media Content – Post original content that shouts your company details and keeps your audience hooked.

If you think there is any opportunity to work together to improve your website communications, we would be pleased to discuss this further.

We would be pleased to explore working together with all website owners. We have copied below detail of the way in which we work with website / business owners to enhance their website.

Along with Website Design and SEO, one of our main additional services is webcopy and we offer it as part of our in-house development. A fee per project will be agreed and added to the total project cost.

As a guide, We estimate 3000 words (an average of 300 words per page over 10 pages) to take approximately 4-5 days to create and complete. However, this would depend on two factors:

Complexity of copy: a complex project requiring the use of technical and industry-specific language will take longer to produce than copy of a more standard nature, with more generic terminology.

Research involved: a concise briefing from yourself would provide a suitable foundation on which to begin work, but it may be necessary to delve further in order to fully understand the identity of the company and their services.

These factors may considerably reduce or lengthen the time required to complete each project, and would need to be assessed on a case by case basis.

In terms of costing, our fees for copywriting are typically £40 per hour. However, We currently offer a copywriting service for £200 to £300 depending on project size. Which is very competitively priced, I believe this significantly enhances the total value of any project that includes our webcopy, offering great value while delivering expertly written copy compared with the time and effort it takes to craft it into engaging and dynamic content.

If you are thinking on enhancing your website text or adding it to your webcopy project we trust this is useful in the first instance. Please let us know your thoughts and whether this is something you would like to move forward with.