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SEO Review / Updates

As you have experienced no luck with the old website designers, very quickly we have conducted a very basic SEO review on the website so that Google can eventually find the site. Google normally takes 4-6 months before it ramps up the traffic to the site.

What if people have Yahoo, or Bing, or something else ? I know that I am a computer dummy, do I understand right that it is going to take four to six months for the web site address to show up on the internet, also it will be only on Google ? I have tried many times on Google, also the others. The website cannot be found on any of these key words, on Google, Bing, or Yahoo .

I would be interested to see what searches you are using to find the site. My guess would be our common search terms but these are much more difficult to be found under as there are millions of references and many websites have been in Google’s index for up to a decade.
If I had a definitive list of what we are searching under then I can build a campaign around those keywords
However the only way to get found under very specific search terms is an aggressive SEO which I am afraid is much more detailed (and more expensive).

The table below indicates a typical wide ranging SEO Strategy

Review and Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Keyword Research
Keyword Finalize
Search Engine Optimisation Strategy
On-Page Optimisation
Website URL Structure Optimisation
Content Optimisation (Keyword density, H1/H2 tag, bold tag, spelling corrections)
Image Optimisation/Alt tag Optimisation
Meta tag creation & Optimisation
Meta Description creation & optimisation
Internal Linking/Title tag Optimisation
Optimizing the HTML/Code of the website homepage
HTML Sitemap creation & regular updation
Google Analytics Setup
Robots.txt Optimisation
Page Loading Speed Monitoring
Google, Yahoo & Bing text sitemap developed and submission
Google, Yahoo & Bing webmaster account setup and Monitoring site performance
Off-Page Optimisation
Link Building (Relevant and Manual)
Global and Regional Search Engine Submission
Local / Niche / Relevant Directory Submission
Link Exchange (One Way + Reciprocal)
One Way Directory Link