Couple of these companies give the ‘hard sell’ to business owners trying to persuade them that its a useful business tool that will help them convert customers to sales. In general we think they are best avoided. Here is a reply I send to a client about this option that they have been offered for their website.
The IP Tracking and reporting company contacted us about adding code to your website for the trial, we really don’t recommend getting involved with this company, you are the 3rd client that has been talked into doing their trial and it has always ended the same, with the comments like ‘no use’ and ‘waste of time’,
Additionally if you search for the company and online reviews on Trustpilot you will see bad reviews.
It boils down the fact that you will potentially (if it works) be phoning people you think have looked at your website, the legality of this is a grey area and personally I don’t even like the concept.

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