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Questions and Answers why to choose us

Well these aren’t our FAQs but an ‘offshore’ website designer companies attempt at persuading a business owner in the UK to work with them, our comments are added with our opinion added for a balance of opinion.

Our clients are companies & organizations of all sizes ranging from start-ups to large enterprises who want to use effective communication as a platform to expand their business. We enable companies and organizations to better communicate with their target audience by the use of effective design in branding & print. Since our inception, we have delivered high quality & cost effective graphic solutions to over 100 clients

Why hire us when you can hire someone locally ?
We may not be better than local workforce but we are equally good. [Delicious – Thats honest but you may also be worse] However when you hire us you get more manpower to work simultaneously. Even if you opt for the most cost effective package you still get two people to work for your projects for 40 hours a week each. Double the manpower means more work in less amount of time. We are not extraordinary or extra talented but our only strength is our hard work. [Delicious – So you are convinced that your quantity can deliver improvements on local quality]

What are the financial advantages of hiring us ?
The average payout of a single graphic or web designer is nearly double of what we charge for a month. Even if any company can afford to pay, it doesn’t hurt to try out something cheaper. [Delicious – True we like a bargain] Just because some services are cheaper doesn’t always mean that they are horrible. [Delicious – True again but its possible that low cost means low quality] If we turn out worth the price, [Delicious – are you trying to say ‘if we complete work that is ‘worth the price’?] hiring us would save you approximately 60% per year.

Why will we be worth the price ?
To put it in simple terms we need you more than you need us, [Delicious – impressive honesty but this is the case for most website design companies] and that is precisely why if we get to work for you, then we will do whatever it takes to keep you happy with our work. Whether it’s working late hours or working over the weekends for a rush job, we got you covered for anything and everything. We’ll make sure that if we’re hired then you as an employer will never regret that decision.

What about quality of work ?
We have been working with various clients from across the globe and are well aware of international design standards. For the last two years we have been pitching and getting work from USA, UK, Dubai & Australia which makes us understand international design standards. So even if we are from Ukraine, Russia, India or Pakistan we can understand what you would need. There is always a scope of learning and we hope that by working with you we will only enhance our understanding of designs. [Delicious – Reassuring that you have offices in some prestigious locations]

What about privacy of work ?
Until and unless we have written approvals from you, we would not display any of the work that we do for you on our website or any of print material including your name as our client.

What are our Unique Selling Propositions ?
Honestly speaking we don’t know what our USPs are or how we differentiate ourselves from other agencies to make a compelling pitch to a client. But the one thing that WE BELIEVE in is our commitment & hard work irrespective of the day and time. We compensate everything by giving 100% for our client’s work. No matter how big or how small the client is in terms of company standing, we give equal importance and do their work with dedication and 100% hard work. Every company claims to be doing these things but we don’t claim, we do it no matter what. Whether it’s a weekend or a national holiday, you need us then we’ll be there. If it’s a rush job and you need us, we’ll be there. No matter what, we’ll be there. [Delicious – Starting to think your USP is that you are too honest which is a good USP]

We started this company in 2012 and with no business or contacts in hand. Today when we have worked for many companies and our team is 4 people strong, we strongly believe that it is our hard work and commitment that has made us reach wherever we are today.

[Delicious – The decision to use offshore resources is one that is layered with so many levels of difficulty for the average business, we have seen this ‘relationship’ at a corporate level and at a individual small business level end in business disaster time and time again, so much so this option is never entertained or recommended]