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Always happy to create legal, tasteful adult escort websites and here is an old request that gives an idea of the things you should think about when starting an escort website, we can help you decide the look / design and payment gateways (if needed for your site)

A friend of mine (a escort woman) is very interested in setting up an adult paysite, and we’re wondering if you might not be able to do the design. I have put together a mockup of the site we are looking for using samples from other sites (customized where necessary). Could you please look through this and let me know if you can design a site much like that presented here, and how much it might cost?

The overall objective of the site we are seeking is to market soft-core photo sets and videos available for download on this site, as well as various items for sale in an online store. We would also include a link allowing real-time access to online performances at her chatroom on Chaturbate, and would like the capability to broadcast private C2C webcam shows (on a pay-per-view basis) on a dedicated website page, as well.

If it’s not clear from the attached pages, the escort is an exceptionally beautiful and feminine, sexy and alluring, woman. We want to capitalize on her natural beauty, portraying her in a wide variety of looks and settings that appeal to almost all male fantasies, fantasies that are naughty, but always fun and in good taste. While this will be an adult site, we want to keep it sophisticated and sexy (think beautiful woman waiting for her date in a hotel bar) to playful and fun (the cute schoolgirl teasing her teacher)… even some fetish dress up and play, as long as it’s not extreme.

Here are some of the specific content we are looking at:

Warning Page and various legal pages similar to those depicted in the first four pages of the attached mock-up.

Home / main entry Splash Page. We want this to have an elegant, simple and sophisticated appearance that will serve as the main portal to the other pages on the site.

Tour and Join Pages similar to the four samples depicted in the attached.

Member Area Pages that subscribers can navigate to view and download premium content, which we will update weekly to add new photos and videos.

Private Webcam Page, accessible to individual pay-per-view customers who have ordered a live webcam show in the website store.

Store Page, selling miscellaneous items, such as those listed in the sample page of the attached mock-up.

Blog Page, which we anticipate will be updated weekly when new photos and videos are added.

Logo: We had previously contacted a graphics designer to design a logo for this site, and he came up with the attached logos based on the headshot of the escort herself. We were not pleased with these logos (particularly the typefaces), and we are not sold on using using her image in the logo, so we invite your suggestions on a unique logo you would design as part of this project. If it helps, we believe that both the escort logo and the webcam logo (both depicted in the attached mock-up) are attractive, and we would welcome a design along those lines. If you pursue that course, you may want to use a siren or mermaid in lieu of a butterfly or fairie, as the escort is particularly fond of mermaids.

We have already registered the domain name, and in fact have procured Virtual Private Server host services, we believe these hosting services should be adequate to support the paysite we are looking at. We have also chosen CCBill as our payment system processor, as we’ve used them before with good results on a far less complex site, and will require CCBill integration as payment processor. We will also require inclusion of a CMS system so that we can update and maintain site content.

I realize that this is only a brief sketch of what we are looking for, but hopefully it describes the product we desire adequately so that you can verify whether you can design an escor website as we envision.

If you have any questions or require any additional information, please let me know by return email. Thank you very much.