This email received by a client gives them a great reason to choose an Indian Website design team to do their website, the reason is it will save their business (by having 30 website projects in a month) and it will save his life! Emotional Blackmail Spam but you cant help but think it could be true and I suggest that is why some people will give work to the company on the back of this email message.
I am the owner of [Website Design] Studios. I just want to give a brief introduction about myself, where I come from, what I did in the past and what I do now.
I studied at University but could never complete my studies due to lack of funds and many other reasons. I returned to India in 2008 and with no further plans to study, took some loans from friends, family and even private lenders and started a restaurant in 2010. Although the restaurant was really nice but destiny had different plans and no matter how hard I tried, the restaurant shut down in 2012. Two years I struggled in every possible way to make it work but in two years the only thing I earned from that restaurant was more debt which by the time it shut down was close to £3,77,000. Since 2012, I’ve been fighting to pay off my huge pile of debt from the losses in restaurant and I have been able to pay off a decent chunk of it as well. But still there is a big amount of debt left close to a £76,000. It took me almost 5 years to reach here and to be able to pay off that much debt.
In 2012 I started this present business of graphic & web designing which I’m continuing till date. Started as a freelancer but today I have a team of 4 people working with me. Business is doing okay and slowly but gradually after all the failures in life, I’m finally doing something worthwhile and earning a living out of it.
Through this business I have been able to pay off a lot of my debt also.Now I will come to the real reason why I am writing to you today. This remaining debt is what is chasing me like a bad dream and every day it’s killing me and my business. Every day there are loan sharks at the door. In these last 5 years I’ve virtually sold off everything to be able to pay off my debt and the only things left with me is my office. In my house there are two bedrooms, one room is where I live and one is where I have my office. Every day there is a fight between life and circumstances for survival. Life has been very very difficult to survive, and with the way the loan sharks work here in India I’ll either have everything taken away and will have to shut down my business or will probably get killed sooner or later.
The reason why I’m writing to you is because I need to have at least 30 new orders by this week; otherwise everything will be taken away by the loan sharks. I along with my team we do all types of graphic designing and web designing projects. From static HTML sites to WordPress sites, we know how to develop. We also design brochures, catalogs, posters etc. I am writing to many web design & graphic design companies to be able to sell my package to them. I am only writing to agencies because they are the ones who may be able to use our services. We will do whatever it takes to get your work done. We need you more than you need us; that’s why I will make sure that I with my with my team give you anything and everything you need. We are seeking one order of £1,199 from you and in exchange of that we will do whatever you need for 90 days, whether its graphic design or web design. For 90 days you tell us anything within our scope of work and we will do it for you, no questions asked. I am desperate for funds and work. If you help us out today I will not only be grateful to you, but I am certain that after 90 days of work you will certainly find a good team to work with even in future. £1,199 may not affect your business or life in any negative way, but it can definitely help me and my business survive. This amount is probably the monthly salary of a graphic designer in UK, but
for the same money my whole team and I will be working for you for 3 months. It is my most humble request to trust me with this £1,199 today and I am certain I will be of help to you and will not let you down ever. This is my last desperate attempt to save my business and my life. Regards

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