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Great results due to SEO and Webcopy

The biggest growth area for the business over the last 6 months has been web copy or website content creation. I have always known and believed that you should build something useful and they will come. In the analogy above ‘building something’ is a webpage containing useful information relevant to the search and ‘they will come’ is the website visitors that have been encouraged to go to your page due to a high ranking from the big G or your other favorite search engine.

Well lets get something straight in the SEO world there is a limit to the amount of improvements you can give a site by ‘polishing’ or SEO’ing it, you need unique, relevant, easily readable and search engine friendly text indexed, therefore a phase in our SEO process is to ensure we have the correct text in place to begin the SEO process in the first place. This is where the webcopy / website text creation is generally suggested and taken up by our clients.

Recently had a client that wanted to rank highly for terms like ‘essex conservatory’ ‘loft conversions in essex’ and other building related terms, this client had spent loads of time / effort and money on website design / video / images and other SEO companies but after all the ‘stuff’ was cut out his website featured only 3 paragraphs relating to his key search terms. I have benchmarked the sites positions prior to the new content and SEO process beginning (website client

We have recently done a massive project for webcopy for a Dive Theory site and the proof of that is that it ranks Number 1 for ‘Dive Theory Physics’ within 2 months of launch.

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