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Pretty fed up of having to pick up the pieces from so called SEO experts after they make a real mess on people’s sites and then the site owner sees no increases in site position or visitors before deciding to move on. The problem is that the period of them making a mess of the site and the site owner actually realising that the site is not performing well can be months or even years.

Recently had a client that had been given a list of keywords from his previous SEO company that they were optimising for, out of a list of 12 search terms only 1 was a competitive search term that was relative to the clients website. Some of the search terms were things like ‘local builder’ and ‘<company name> services’ which are totally useless as search terms that convert searchers into clients. To top it off the only competitive search term they listed was ‘essex builder’ and told my client (by email and by a chart and by a video of them searching) that he was in position 2 on After 2 minutes of verification all the search positions were made up and instead of being in position 2 they were in position 56!

Once we took over the site and migrated it to our hosting company the real nightmare begun, the code was horrible, massively bloated, terrible navigation, no SEO attempted on titles / headers / descriptions / keywords or content. Google had 5 variations of the same page indexed and two of the main pages were not even listed in Google. I could go on but it just gets worse.

Needless to say be very selective when choosing an SEO ‘expert’ as you are putting your companies future in their hands and they could indeed ruin the company if the SEO campaign is done in an incompetant manner by someone that has no idea what they are doing. Check out their previous record of SEO and ask them some questions that require some SEO thought like ‘ what do you think is going to be an SEO factor that is going to have its weighting in the search algorythms increase over the next few years’ and see if they can give you an intelligent answer. There are some questions that do not have a right and wrong answer and sometimes you have to put your  trust in someone, but best put your trust in someone that has a proven track record and has previous clients that say nice things about them,  like…….. erm us 🙂

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