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The following example exchange between a potential website owner and website designers demonstrate the attention to detail and care we take over our website project to keep them on track, going above and beyond what is reasonably expected to get things completed as the websites we are involved with become our adverts for the future.

[Website Owner] I need to get some content to you together with a photo for the holding page as you will be completely re-building and redesigning our website. I will work on this ASAP (over the weekend). Meanwhile, here is my logo that I will be using. Really excited to be starting this project with you. Our Internet connection is very slow and unreliable here so apologies if we take our time replying.

[Website Designers] Thanks for the logo but do you have it in a layered format (Photoshop format ideally .psd) This format is needed for it to be embedded and used online correctly. We will probably need the fonts also If you just give us the font names we probably have them already but will need to check. We will need the access details for the domain also please. You will see from the internet speed checker here that we have top rate internet and fast speeds, you are welcome to come and work out of our office to get this project completed quicker.

If the two points above are done and you get a photo / some content for us over the weekend we will be ready to create your holding page, and could create this within 24 hours.

We have worked with your previous graphic designers to come to an agreed logo design and have used his new fonts to create the website logo that uses the fonts / colours as specified, these fonts are not the same ones that were in your original design that we used to re-create the logo that was sent before. Understand you now are happy with the latest version of it and that is the one we used to re-create the website version of it. We now await your content and notes about the new website allowing us to commence it

Please check attachments for the latest logo we created on the basis of your old graphic designer’s notes. Please check for the logo we created previously using the original font / design given and we used a stylised initial character that we thought was more effective, await your comments.

[Website Owner] We need to talk as I did not receive anything from you. To be honest the logo2 which you guys have come up with is totally the wrong branding for the type of work I do. I will call you tomorrow to discuss and to see if we are able to move forward with this or not.

[Website Designers] Ok that is no problem, will await your call tomorrow, perhaps the confusion is you using two email accounts and I replied to the one you send me an email from, perhaps also that they have gone in your junk email box as I’m not a stored contact on your new email account:

For clarity we reviewed the emails about your logo. We replied to your first email when you told me your card design / print guy created the images / logo with a logo that I created (without any font / colours / guidance) with a ‘creative version of your logo using a stylised ‘C’ We done this while waiting for the font names / colour just to see if you like it (attached as logo). I asked for the font name as the font includes an unusual ‘l’ that after a good search we found.

We then forwarded you another email again saying that we had worked with your graphic designer after he gave us the font names / colours, stating that he gave us different fonts from his original logo but he assured me you had approved the new design, from his notes, draft we created logo1.png (attached to this email).

None of the logos are labelled logo2 but if you are referring to the one we done prior to the graphic designer giving us the font name it was simply ourselves trying to show initiative and getting something created to get us started for comment, I actually found the font that was given in the first logo design and included it in this one but this has been changed in your finalised logo version.

I want to follow-up on your recent communication together with the current situation around your website and logo design. We need to come up with the best solution moving forward so we are able to work collectively with the focus on having the best outcome for all parties involved.

Would you be able to meet at our offices so we can all sit down as professionals and discuss moving forward? It would be great to get this resolved as soon as possible in order to negate any more time wasted on all sides. Look forward to hearing back from you as soon as possible.