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Website Evaluation / Test

Commonly we have trainee website designers do test projects for us, most dont make the ‘grade’ as we have very high standards for our trainees, here is an example list of problems we found with one website that was marked as completed.

We were starting to worry about this and was going to send you an email about one of the other developers taking over this but it looks like you have started to pull this website around and I can see you have potential. These are the things I think you need to address:

1, I alerted you to the fact that your images were not optimised / resized and done one for you for the slider but it seems you have done the easy / quick thing and simply resized the whole image for two other sliders

Look at the one I done and you will see its 1280*462 px and its only 126kb

Yours are 1280* 720px and 300kb

2 The actual slider image filenames need to something search engine friendly / relevant to the images, as  workmen’ and ‘site_2’ are not relevant or search engine friendly.

3 Normally you need to put the order of the menu items in the order its given an its almost standard to have the contact menu option as the last one

4 Website contact form works but please add a ‘captcha’ anti-spam field in there

5 There should be a page called ‘Team’ in the Main menu that includes the team you have put on the front page

6 Team photos – Please use the images attached for now they are good enough for linkedIn and the client has said use them

7 Where did you get the stock images of the projects from? Please dont simpy use ‘random’ images you have found on the Internet.

8 Are the current service images from their supplied images?

9 Page titles havent been updated

10 You cant see the text on some of the sliders (make it a bigger contrast or make a shadow around the white font)