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Web Redesign Information

If you take a look at our website portfolio of our most recent portfolio you can see the quality of our work. We have already done
Essex Photography and wedding websites before so understand your  business.

We can do a complete redesign of the website or modify the existing design. Whichever we do will positively affect the ranking with the search
engines as the new changes will improve the site. Normally if  domain name changes ownership, if you buy an existing website then  ranking will not be affected.

Regarding SEO. This comes in two parts, firstly is optimisation on the website and second is building links to the website. The website
optimisation is done by us whichever package you have. We do offer link building to your website however this is expensive as it is time
consuming so you may be better off doing it yourself if your budget is tight. Do you want me to send through the list of the packages that we offer or do you think
this is something you could do yourself? (It’s as easy as going onto website directories and forums and placing links to your website).

You can keep your existing hosting if you want. Any emails you have saved would be lost if you transferred hosting unless you download
them to a mail program such as Outlook before the switchover.