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Its time to update your website

We will always offer you advice and help on how to improve your website and often get asked about this by existing clients and website owners that want to work with us, below is a particularly common request about making a standard ‘static’ website work more effectively on the many smartphones and tablets that people are increasingly using to search for companies online. Get in touch with us today for us to review your website and to offer you some tailored suggested improvements and updates.

[Website Client] Was recently talking to a guy from regarding our PPC adverts and he said our website had a high ranking on Google and was quite impressed with our site manager managing to hold our top position using the main search key words ( you may take a bow at this point).  He did mention that google are now looking more at mobile and tablet compatability to settle rankings and placings is this something we need to look at to ensure our site is readily accessible and readable on these new fangled devices (I know by the time you have left PC world with your new i pad and got into your car it’s out of date and a new model has appeared such is the speed of the new technology) or is this something you are already on top of?

[Webdesigners] Thanks for that news / feedback, its very welcome.  The good news is that your rankings are ‘solid’ and visitor numbers are consistent year on year. I could suggest that visitor numbers haven’t increased as we already are ranking highly for some search terms and the site hasn’t expanded or changed much (apart from the testimonials and the few replacement photos we have changed over on your website every few months). So even though visitor numbers are consistent and rankings are good there are not significant increases in visitor numbers which you should ideally see giving you year on year improvements in sales.

As the site has been going for some years now I would be happy to suggest some improvements / updates. The things I am most likely to suggest for you will be:

1, To fully review all website functions and content and to add to it / possibly you want to detail your services and the events you can perform these services at) / perhaps give some detail to the services and packages people could be interested in / redesign the testimonials section so new testimonials have a photo attached to them / integrate a facebook feed on to the site.

2, Add a news sections to the site to allow you to add your own pages / categories / photos to it (really good for your potential customers to see your recent work / new services / events and company news and its great for your search engine ranking to have new fresh content)

3, In terms of pure ranking it’s a fact that mobile friendly (or responsive) websites may get a rankings boost but also they also make it easier for your potential clients to view your site on a tablet / smartphone, this could also facilitate an increase in  ‘convertions’ so more of your website visitors will become customers of yours as they will find the website / booking easier and better.

The last 50 websites have completed are all ‘responsive’ and the use of mobiles / tablets is only going to increase over time. I agree with your Google PPC guy and think this is a good long term improvement to your website. If you have a new redesigned ‘responsive’ website any new tablets / smartphones / monitors will all display your website in an ‘optimal’ way depending on screen size and new technology / screen sizes are automatically catered for meaning that its almost future proof. Your current website ‘works’ on mobile devices but it’s not ‘touch friendly’ or optimised for different screen sizes so suggest this is a worthwhile redesign that could take into account points 1 and 2 above.

So in general I recommend a full redesign of your site to make it ‘responsive’ meaning it is table / mobile and touch friendly and you will have full control of all the pages / posts on the site with a new admin section (password controlled)