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Website Development Project Commencement Overview

Here is a message we sent to a client a couple of years ago, that client now has  a hugely successful website thanks for the great decision she made by coming to meet us:

[Website Designers] Once again many thanks for taking the time to see us yesterday. I am in and out of the office today so wanted to send the email we discussed yesterday before I head out.

As discussed in yesterdays meeting, myself and my team bring a huge amount of experience in your market having both managed large  accounts in the past. I hope that my presentation expressed many of the missed opportunities that you currently have online.

We feel that our way of working is a step above many other digital agencies as we have systems in place that make everything 100% transparent and we understand that our time has to be 100% accountable. In fact, one of the core advantages of transparent digital management is that we are able to drill down into what is working, how much it costs to work and how much investment we need to maximise new business that can be generated from the web.

Phone tracking, conversion tracking, split testing and our experience re-optimising user experience across desktop and mobile means that we are 100% confident we can provide a huge amount of new business and drive additional brand awareness from the web.

In terms of cost, as explained yesterday my thoughts are that I want to try to make the migration of services from your existing website designers to ourselves at Delicious Webdesign, we can do this painless and as seamless as possible. Being a long term company owner I appreciate hard decisions are only made harder when they cost you money.

Taking my comments above into account I am happy to propose the following:

Normally, to design and re-build your current website we would look at charging around £7k. In terms of digital marketing we would normally look at charging around £1k per month; for this we would include PPC management, e-marketing campaigns and of course SEO. We work differently to most agencies given that most charge per service. In our view this is not client friendly as in some months you can receive 4 invoices if you have requested 4 different services. We aim to make it easy for clients to plan their budgets, so we changed the way that we invoice a few years back and now we simply charge one fee and incorporate a magnitude of services. We appreciate this means that in some months we over service our clients – but to me that’s the way it should be.

In terms of making noticeable gains on your account from an SEO perspective, we are confident that we can make these straight away and within 6 months we are confident that we would have made a significant impact on your awareness via additional traffic into your website, more business via leads generated from better organic rankings and we also would have implemented a conversion tracking system that provides total clarity re business generated from the web.

Taking the above costs into account, I am happy to reduce these on the basis that we have a set time frame to work within. I am 100% sure that we can provide significant and noticeable gains to your business and after 6 months would be confident that we can sit down and make plans for the later part of this year and into next year.

To summarise, working on the basis of a 12 month agreement I am happy to charge the SEO and PPC management at £1k per month and also provide the design and build of your new website as additional value to this commitment. I am also happy to provide the website hosting free of charge for the first 12 months – charged at £200 thereafter (domain / hosting / SSL / licenses / website performance and security / website technical updates) If convenient we can also hold monthly meetings and it would be good to schedule a 6 monthly overview. Only when we can present the additional growth we have provided within this time frame will we instigate discussions re increasing our cost to fall in line with what we would normally charge.

As confirmed above, we are also happy to manage the PPC within the £1k management fee. Working on the budgets you’re currently spending and allocating this budget over to PPC will provide us with enough spend on PPC to make effective progress. The one thing we need to test though, is making sure that we are buying clicks that then convert. To that effect we would have to hold fire on a mobile campaign on PPC as I would not be confident spending your money generating clicks through to a website that isn’t optimised for mobile use. This is therefore something I suggest we discuss before we commence any PPC management. I think that at the moment you will be buying many clicks, but the website is not designed to convert a large percentage of these so we need to be conscious of spending money when we are not entirely sure how effective that money is. From what you mentioned yesterday all web enquiries are manually tracked. This means that there will be massive holes in your internal systems and that money is being wasted and not spent efficiently. Our core aim would be to implement a system that makes everything totally accountable.

I can also see that there are missed opportunities on social media and we can also discuss e-marketing etc. Maybe we can set off with the SEO and elements of the PPC (once we have tracking in place) and then based on our progress we can grow the services.

In terms of a commencement date, we can get cracking straight away on designs. Regarding time frames for the website build, we estimate approximately 6 weeks from commencement of build to completion (once the designs are signed off of course).
Regarding the marketing, we can actually start to work on the current site and then just convert this across when the new one goes live – this means we can then at least start to set benchmarks from old to new.
Once you confirm you’re happy we will write up a comprehensive scope of works and also provide our standard terms of business.

One of the main advantages you have is that you will already have stats for traffic etc into your website. We can also run a full keyword report and monitor our rankings across Google, Bing and Yahoo. We can then use these as benchmarks to report our progress against.

I appreciate this is a lot of information, but hope it provides you with everything you need to get started.

It has been a good few weeks since we met and discussed your website and digital marketing. Just wanted to see if we could meet again and see how we can help? there is so much being missed that its painful to see a company as yours that is respected locally not getting the marketshare or website that you deserve.

Also, I have just checked and it seems your site is broke, its not loading on any browsers

If you would like to see how good we are at SEO and PPC simply search Google for the list of terms we have provided you, then we believe you will find us position 1-5 on page 1 of Google for all these competitive terms for all the websites listed.

If we had been appointed I am 100% sure the site would be live by now, also it wouldn’t have cost you a penny.

Let me know if you’re in a position to meet again?

[Company Owner] We was very impressed with your presentation and the services you offer. We would love to instruct you as our new website design provider to redesign and update the website.

For your information, yesterday our Google Adwords campaign, produced 77 actual clicks through to our website, at a cost of at a cost of £150. Having landed on our website, only 10 people decided to complete the enquiry form.

Alternatively, customers could have picked up our telephone and dialled in but no such enquiries were recorded in the lead book yesterday.

Also, our one conversion yesterday, could have dialled directly using our Google forwarding number with the customer never actually visiting the website. Yesterday’s conversion rate of 8% is around half that of the last 7 day average.

I would expect a conversion a rate of say 1 in 5, (20%) of people having clicked on our Google Ad through to our website would take action by calling in to our office or filling in the contact form.

Ty conclusion is, our website is simply not performing and it the weakest link in our enquiry chain. I believe we should address this situation as a matter of urgency.