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The Worst Website?

Seen a lot of bad websites that we have taken on and redesigned / updated and promoted, a recent one will take a lot of beating in terms of the amount and severity of problems we found on it, the website is being redesigned and updated ready for relaunch but up to now this is the problems we have found, a lot of them are a result of incompetence and the previous ‘website designers’ cloning or copying one of their previous websites as a basis to this new one and leaving a lot of the links, company info, testimonials in place.

There are two really terrible problems we found with this site which could warrant legal action on behalf of the business owner to their previous website designer so we have kept a clean backup of all changes before they were corrected, the bold ones are problems we believe could result in legal action for fraud.

1, Designer’s watermark in the logo (logo too large), have tried to remove the watermark but its clearly visible
2, Facebook link not active / working
3, non-clickable phone / email on desktop
4, services menu button / no services page
5, needs much more text on the about page (only 20 words!)
6, sub-pages have huge images pushing the text / forms / info far below the fold
7, Hidden links on all pages below copyright notice to another roofing company (mouse below it or highlight text to see)
8, lots of broken links on areas page from areas landing page (that is labelled incorrectly as ‘more info’)
9, map doesn’t link to your actual company (that does exist on Google Maps)
10, Customer Reviews / testimonial is for another company not related to you in any way
11, projects page not on main menu
12, projects page corrupted on mobiles
13, projects page is a gallery, no project is clickable / viewable which is standard
14, projects page main photo looks like a House in the US not UK and is not on any of the projects!
15, random map on most pages centred on Nottingham (only 165 miles away from client’s real location)
16, Most the text is tiny and centred / very narrow on pages
17, front page services links are all linked to wrong pages (example new roofing links to contact page, flat roofing leads to repairs page and repairs link goes to roof cleaning page)
18, not GDPR Compliant – no cookie policy / terms and conditions
19, logos and photos are huge – checkatrade logo is 2.6mb – slider images are 1.5MB
20, Slider images have generic names (header-1.jpg)
21, Projects on home page all link to generic project page not indivdual projects
22, Website Home Page is huge 9.5MB resulting in slow loading times
23, A competitors reviews (actually using their company name) has been left on this site – the site was copied fully from a competitor that the website designer created first.
24, Text on all website pages has been copied completely from a competitors website (plagiarism and copyright theft)
25, Videos are playing directly from the website (videos being stored and played from the same server / website is very bad practice)
26, Database not supplied during handover / migration to ourselves so all areas / services pages and the more info pages are missing (approx 173 Pages!!)
27, Broken links to pages that do not exit
28, Email from contact form was being sent from the ‘SEO Company’ so when you replied to it it replied to the ‘SEO Company’ and the person sending the email is only a ‘CC’
29, Email from contact form had a BCC to a competitor that the SEO company had arranged !
30, Not in the Google top 30 results for your primary service in your own town, after the website being live for over a year is very bad.