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Here is an example overview:

Initially we will look at your website for your main services The two main requirements I can see from the pages are that your customers are residential as well as businesses and that you want to target Essex. While that may seem like an obvious comment, targeting businesses directly is not an easy task. The best ways to target businesses is through cookie data such as our website which builds a profile of each individual IP address and their interests or the other way is to target through social media such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

We can set up a campaign to target businesses in the areas you wish to target by picking up their location through their servers IP address. Of course this is not always perfect as bigger companies IP addresses can be scattered anywhere. The next approach we can take is by targeting by job titles of decision makers, such as directors, managing directors etc.

Additionally we do have other ways to target business owners such as income and business related articles.

As I said in my previous email our offering is thousands of impressions to start with to gauge how well the targeting will work for your business, while we know our targeted adverts work, what works for one business may not work for another. During the initial period an account manager will continuously optimise your campaign each day to maximise where your campaign is doing well and minimise where it is not as impactful.

We will use different shapes of adverts across the News pages on the websites we manage to see which ones work best for you, in a short space of time we will quickly work out which ad spaces work best for you.

This package price is £x

As well as that I would recommend our Facebook options. We have thousands of followers on our Facebook pages and what we can do is post your business in front of those users which are anything from individuals to businesses.

This costs £x to post your advert on the Facebook Pages

The other option is we can target businesses outside of our audience using various profiles such as business owners and decision makers and the usual targeting like location, income, demographics to build a set of profiles to target for you and to rotate them to keep the advertising fresh.

Basically this option is similar to the one through our site, but it targets Facebook’s native audience using our profiles and search options, as well as having an account manager to management on a day to day basis. The adverts will be displayed differently, in that they will show up in a person’s feed on their Facebook page.

This package comes as roughly 10k impressions over a period of time set by you, but I would recommend running them alongside each other. This basically means that you will be shown to close to 50,000 business owners on Facebook across a 30 day period.

This package price is £x

While the targeted campaigns work really well on our site, once it is combined with Facebook we are seeing amazing results in terms of click through rates.

Personally I would go with the targeted campaign on our sites as well as the Facebook package and run the both over 30 days and see the increase in leads.

If one performs much better than the other then we change to the campaign that performs better and run that for 30 days the month after.

After the campaigns above we can then start breaking down the traffic and where it is coming from and breaking down their journey, so for example you are getting a good click through rate that means your call to action and artwork are working, but when the clicks are hitting your page they are not leaving contact details, making an enquiry, calling your company etc then it is time to target that traffic and find out why.

Retargeting is an option that I recommend in order to boost conversions, I mainly recommend this when a site is getting a lot of traffic, but there is no answer to why thy are not converting into leads or sales.

By retargeting we are targeting the audience which leaves your site in order to direct them back to your site to convert. The people we would target are exactly the same as who we would target on our website to ensure that they complete the journey from our site to yours to making an action like an enquiry, email, phone call etc.

This is charged at £x per 1000 impressions, we need to see the traffic reports to your site to understand where it is coming from and going to, which is something we can discuss.

Your next questions is how do we measure this traffic, well we have a service called local insights which tracks everything that goes to your site as well as all enquiries and calls to action. It basically does what it says on the tin, it tracks and measures everything and where the journey starts and stops for each user. So for example when someone clicks on your advert on Facebook or our website, it would track that as well as tell you what they do on the site, such as dwell and bounce rates.

Local insights is £x per month and has a minimum of 6 month sign up, and I would only offer you this because you are interested in where the traffic comes from as well as how the traffic converts.