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Website Designer’s Proposals 2

[Website Designers 11] Absolutely we can help you with the website and promotion. Do you have any further information, site map, website text, logo, the functions and features you would like it to perform?  Would you like content management etc…
It’s quite difficult to provide a cost without some kind of specification or outline and what it is you require.  Perhaps you could provide a little more detail or point me in the direction of the existing website.
Also if you have a budget in mind that would help massively and I can tell you what we can provide within your budget.
I can certainly help get the website completed, could I suggest a meeting to discuss, it would be easier to do that instead of trying to sort everything out over email.

[Website Designers 12] Many thanks for your enquiry via the website.We are certainly able to help with the requirements you’ve mentioned including web development and responsive design. Our pricing with regard to hosting depends on the size of your site but I can certainly provide costs once I have understood your requirement in regard to this.

Are you able to provide access to the existing site for me?  I will happily take a look and assess the amount of work remaining so that I can provide an accurate quotation. I have reviewed the site and can offer two solutions depending on your requirements and budget.
The first option would be to redevelop the site from scratch with a new design?  With this option, we would provide a new updated design and code the site to W3C standards and implement basic features which will help in terms of search engine marketing, we can also provide hosting for the new site if needed.

The second option would be to complete the site using what is there at the moment.  To do this, we would need FTP access to the site.
The first option would be slightly more expensive, but would result in an updated site with a fresh design. We can also help with writing content if needed.

Please let me know which option would be best suited to you and if you require content writing services and I will provide a quotation based on your requirements. Thank you once again for your enquiry.  I look forward to hearing from you.

From what I can see of the existing site, the majority of the changes are the addition of working pages and then adding content to them.  I counted around 16 pages needing content which includes approximately 5 pages which need to be created from scratch.

Do you have the content for the pages to hand?  If so, the work involved shouldn’t be too difficult, although I will need FTP access to the site to confirm this is the case and there are no hidden problems.

I have included pricing below for your consideration including the option of utilising our web content writing service;

Creation of 5 pages and applying content and images to 16 pages    –    £460

As above but to include writing of optimised content for 16 page    –    £1,180

As an alternative consideration, we could provide a refreshed design and start from scratch from £1849. This price does not include web content writing but does include provision of hosting and email for the first 12 months. I hope that helps.  Please let me know if you have any questions or need anything else.

[Website Designers 13] Unfortunately, we only build websites from scratch on our own content management system which is Joomla based and is fully supported by us. We could copy the design you have so far (or use your PSDs if you have them) but the back end of the site would be re-built.

The cost of a responsive brochure site like this would normally be in the region of £1,200 – £1,500 depending on the functionality requirements. I would need more information to give an accurate price. Payment is by 50% deposit and 50% balancing payment on completion. The hosting and support is paid for annually in advance and we have two options as illustrated here:
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

It looks pretty straight forward. We would focus on improving the presentation with a brand new design (according to your brief), then transfer your content over (as per your requirements). We would put our Content Management System on the back of the site to allow you to manage and update it yourself, we would train you on how to use this before making the site live. This is what we call a ‘brochure site’ and is not database driven as such so the cost for the build from scratch would be kept lower than our more complex sites at £1,300.

The annual hosting, maintenance, backup and support would be £300 per annum. I trust this meets with your approval. For more information or to discuss your needs in more detail please feel free to call and speak to our Technical Website Director.

[Website Designers 14] Thanks for your enquiry. As a starting point could we take a look at the progress you’ve made so far to give us an idea of what would be involved? We will then give you an idea of how we would approach it and what costs would be involved.

Thanks for the link I can see that there are pages on the site which either haven’t yet been created or have incomplete content. Do you have the content prepared and ready for adding? To give you an accurate quote we would need as much detail as you can provide to get a grasp of what’s needed.

If you’re able to give us an idea of the extent of the outstanding content, we will then be able to give you a quote for the cost of completing the website as-is. You say that you have some content prepared – if you could forward that to us we’ll take a look and estimate the amount of work involved.

You mentioned previously making the website responsive for mobile devices, in this case we would have to case we would have to start over with the design to build with a responsive layout in mind.

[Website Designers 15] Is the website staged anywhere that we could take a look at it? Do you have actual pages working or do you just have designs? We can and do build websites that are mobile responsive (adaptive to smart phones and tablets). It may be easiest as a starting point if you could complete our project brief form and send that to me. Does that sound okay?

What do you want us to do? Are you happy with the current website design or does that need to be looked at and possibly refreshed?
Do you just want us to complete unfinished pages such as Accolades?
Do those Dive Courses pages need to be added?
A technical question, is there a Content Management System behind your website (are you able to edit the content by yourself?)
Could you summarise (probably page by page) the changes that you would like us to make/complete and we can then assess how much time it would take us to complete the work? We charge £50 per hour.

[Website Designers 16] Without seeing the site it is difficult to give you an exact quote, but most sites we do are either £500  or £900. The £500 is the budget range – which is popular for start-ups, but the £900 is a better investment if you would like to get more work from it.

If your design is almost ready we could simply finish it – this might be cheaper, but I will need to see them first. Hosting is included for the first year.   Annual charges are £75  for hosting only, or £150 for hosting and the occasional tweak. All sites will be fully responsive.
We have an extensive range of booking systems we can add to the brief if required, but I will need more details. We can also optimise it – to get more business from it, if required. I am happy to quote for that.

In terms of replicating the design, this is reasonably straightforward.  We could probably improve it so if you give us some artistic licence we could get up a website that is slightly better than you have at the moment. In terms of number of pages, it is a little difficult for me to see, at the moment, how many there are, but we can add a feature where you can add pages at will.  Training will be provided – but it is easy to do.
In terms of content, some of the content seems to be quite straightforward in terms of simple text pages whereas other pages – I am looking at a paddy course path page which seems to be a little more complicated and this makes quoting for the site a little bit harder.  Do you have an overview of all the pages, or a sitemap?

The other question we had is, whether or not you require any booking systems and, if so, what those booking elements could entail.
I appreciate that you prefer to communicate by email so if you could give us much more detail that would be great.
In terms of price, currently we are looking at £500-900, depending on the complications, or if it is simple text pages we can stick to £500.

[Website Designers 17]  This is something we can certainly help with. Do you have a brief for the website or any more information about what you want the website to do? For instance does it need to see product online, enquiry only, etc?
I have lots of examples I can show you, but if you can give me some ideas on what you want, then I can start providing you some relevant information.

[Website Designers 18]  I will try and help you the best I can. You say you have a part finished website, do you have a copy of this live which we can see or are you looking for a new redesigned website? We produced a diving website for a company last year based in Essex.
We can build the website to be fully responsive or for desktop only, basically we tailor the requirements to your needs and budgets.
The hosting of the website including email, backups is £75 per year, this is hosted from our Essex offices along with around 600 other sites.
If you could advise on the above, I can help you further.

I’ve been over your website you have sent over, currently this appears to be just a homepage as none of the links work? The page looks dated now compared to current standards. Generally now it’s all about clean space, large images giving a dynamic high impact look and feel. Your industry includes stunning images, which would draw you into the site, used as banners and to direct you around the site,
you would also have the feel of being under water.

For a fully designed website of this kind we would charge approx. £1200, but I’m unsure to what your budgets are for the project. We can obviously tailor something to suit your requirements but in my opinion, you really need to start from the ground up. Using images like the attached, you could do something really stunning to look at. Let me know your thoughts,

Based on what is provided, which is a homepage only, all of the subpages would need to be artworked and built. I would estimate this to cost around £750 – £900 depending on exact requirements. We could use what you have already done if you really wanted too. We specialise in bespoke solutions, but we regularly take over projects from other agencies which are either incomplete or not fit for purpose.

[Website Designers 19] Yes we can help with this website of yours, but in order to give you an idea of cost, we would need to know how many pages the website has, if it has any particular functions, like booking forms or ecommerce, etc. We can make it responsive and hosting is free for the first year, and then £100 thereafter. The site would also be fully editable and we would give you initial training.
Websites generally start at £1200 for a responsive design and build, but like i say, really depends on how large the site is. But if it’s a fairly straight forward one, then the price above is a good indication.

[Website Designers 20] Do you have a link to the site you’ve already started?  Do you know what software it was started with?
I can create websites using a variety of software, each have the own pro’s and con’s.   The two main ones are DIY website Builders or WordPress.

DIY Website builders like Moonfruit which is an online web design solution. This is a very simple but effective drag and drop tool that will allow you to edit the site yourself if you wish, upload photos, add products to shops etc.  You will need to host this site either with Moonfruit direct or through me.   and example of a site on moonfruit would be on our portfolio page.

Pros – Simple to update and use, you can maintain your own site, Budget price because of the ease of the system.
Cons – The mobile friendly version (HTML5) is still in Beta stage so there are some limitations, for example the blog system is very basic.

WordPress is a content management system, there is a little more technical skill in setting up one of these sites but you can do a lot more with it.  You get an easy to use area to update content, blogs, make members areas etc

Pros – Once set up you have the ability to maintain it yourself, simple interface. Site can be transferred to other hosts if required.
Cons – the user interface is a bit more involved than moonfruit, Both moonfruit and wordpress sites would be mobile friendly.

Costs –  Design costs vary depending on your site and the number of pages. The design fee is a one off fee, and my prices can be found on the prices page.  For a guide on moonfruit a 5-page site It would costs £175 just for the design.

Domain name depending on whether you want or .com etc a will cost around £6 per year (you need to register for a min of two yrs when you first buy the domain) or a .com £11.99 for one year. I can buy these for you, do you have any ideas what you want the domain to be or do you already have one?

Hosting – This is the fee for storing the files so people can find them using their browsers / mobile phones etc. Moonfruit sites can only be hosted on moonfruit (but I can host through my account or if you prefer full control then you can host with moonfruit yourself) The other sites can by hosted virtually anywhere that offers hosting but I can advise if you need this.  Cost for hosting varies depending on your specific site but will generally cost £25-£35 per year.

Once the site is up and live you can either maintain it yourself or I charge £15 per hour for any additional work. Having the site is not a guarantee of people finding your site on search engines like Google, although as I set it up I would do some of the ground work. You may want to read my SEO (search engine optimisation) section on my website which will give you an idea about what kind of work would need to be done after go-live. This work can be done yourself or I can help you out there too.

You may also want to consider using social pages like twitter or facebook to help tell people all about you and your services or product.
You will also need to consider what you want on your site. i.e. Shop, blog, photo gallery, newsletters, etc.

How long will it take? This will vary to a certain degree with you.  If you have all the info and photos already for me then within a week most of the sites design and general content should be ready.  If I’m writing a lot of page content from very little information, then this obviously will take longer.

What next –  Firstly we need to discuss your requirements and ideas about how you want the site to look. The number of pages etc.
Once we have a plan lined up and you’re happy to proceed I will ask for a deposit, usually 40%  of the expected total invoice and the rest is due once the site is live.

If you have any further questions or want to discuss specifics about your site, so we can draw up a better quotation then please don’t hesitate to let me know, If you can let me know what you want your site to do, how many pages you envisage, if you have preference over software etc. if you want your existing site working on rather than starting from scratch.  Then let me know and we can go from there.

I see that although menus are set up the pages aren’t.  Most pages just redirect back to the home page. I assume you have some sort of login details to access the current site.   I can’t be sure what software was used, and if I could work with it, without knowing.
A few ideas of things I would want to change / add.

On the header :
Possibly replace the picture of company name to be a text equivalent.
add a tag line for example  Diving instructors.
Add an email  (makes it as easy as possible for people to contact you).
Possibly in the footer or at least on contact page add a physical address for you, Google ideally likes it on every page, but it’ll help Google to associate you with an area.

Home page
There is a mention on the right hand side that you are taking bookings for 2015 – If anyone does get on the site it doesn’t look like it being maintained and updated. The lower text under the image links is hard to read – there is a lot of it, quite narrow and small font.

I notice on you mention on your Facebook page that “to gives people an opportunity to learn how to dive” but on the site there is very little about this side of things.

Maybe if you have some testimonials you could have them in a footer on the site so each time the page loads a new testimonial appears or it is like a slideshow of many testimonials on the side of the page?

Home page – explaining generally what you do for who and where.
About – info about the company, the people involved etc. info about the sites pools, dive sites and clubs
Courses- I like a page per course keeps it very focused, for whoever is looking for it. But from your point of view is there a lot of duplicated info could they be grouped together.

If you could give me login details I can try seeing what the site can do.  The price for this option will vary depending on the actual software.
Alternatively if you have access to the domain name I could start the site from scratch again.  Create the site in WordPress allowing you to take bookings online via PayPal maybe?

This then gives you the option to add a blog also. Cost for this Hosting – assuming it can’t be hosted where your site is currently a wordpress site hosting is around £30 per yr.
Design / template £40
Initial confit of site and plugins – £40
and £40 per page.   The number of pages is really down to you – some of the pages you have listed could be put together – pools / dives sites / clubs
All pages would be set up to help Google identify the keywords (for example scuba diving in London, scuba diving courses in… etc.) adding analytics, and any social profiles you’re wanting adding.  WordPress option would also be mobile friendly adjusting in size to fit the mobile screens.

Sorry I’m giving you loads more info again.  But the decision has got to be yours, on one hand it may be easier to continue with what you have, but starting from scratch would help to refocus it, and make it mobile friendly also. I am going on holiday for a week from this Saturday for a week. So I’ll be home after 1st Nov.  I will try checking emails but if you do have any urgent questions then you can always text me.
I look forward to hearing from you again soon.