Website Design Terms

Everything you wanted to know about webdesign terms and descriptions!

We don’t talk in these terms to you unless you want us to and if one slips out accidentally then here is some you may want to know about.

Design Brief – The document produced by a client when they put their website design project out to tender, project brief example.

E-Commerce – ECommerce means conducting business on the Internet. It is mostly referred to buying and selling over the internet or online. You can break e-commerce down further by it being in either one of two categories B2B OR B2C, Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C), the later has been refered to as E-business or E-tailing. In the website design world when someone requires an ecommerce website that means that they need to sell their items, products or services online, find out more about our ecommerce websites.

Favicon − A small icon or favourites icon associated with a particular webpage, see our delicious webdesign lips on the tab above and possibly to the left of the URL above.

Hosting – A service provided by hosting company. That’s a place (a computer available on the Internet) where website is stored and made available to web site users to view the content of that web site.

Project Proposal – Document that details what we agree to do in terms of work, time and cost for your new or existing website. Here is a typical example of a website proposal.

If you want to find out about SEO terms have a look at Delicious Webdesign’s SEO Glossary.

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Website design or web site design?

Which spelling is correct? Officially, both are, so we have decided to use both versions. Why both? Some search engine users will type web site design or designers and others will type website design or designers.