Common Search Terms

SEO Glossary of Terms

We don’t talk in these search engine terms to you unless you want us to, hope these help you understand the process of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

ALT Tags:

Alt tags are pieces of text that sit “behind” an image on a web page. They are used by search engines as an indication of on-page relevancy, and where necessary and possible we would change Alt tags in line with the keyword strategy for that page.

Articles and Article Distribution:

Each month Delicious Webdesign SEO Programmers write articles about the business and services that you offer, or even the market place you are in. They are then submitted to article distribution networks and directories. These in turn create natural backlinks to the site from a relevant web page and also traffic. Therefore, again, it creates better rankings on the search engines.

Blog Integration and Writing:

Did you know there are over 1 million blogs posted every day worldwide? It is important to post blogs as part of a successful online strategy.

Delicious Webdesign has a team of professional SEO copywriters and we utilise them to great effect with on-page SEO content and also with blog writing. It is important that we write informative and interesting blogs to generate natural interest in the content of the site which in turn entices internet users to keep coming back to keep up to date. Blog writing and integration into an effective website optimisation campaign can be one of the most powerful tools in a website owner’s armoury. Blogs have become the new ‘black’ on the Internet, providing a portal for everyone to create something of worth to be shared with an ever-growing audience Business networking sites are filled with blogs, each one promoting the author to other users, building links, and creating ever-expanding sub-networks.

The spiders that crawl the Internet, cataloguing pages on behalf of the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!, are constantly looking for interesting and relevant pages to match to search criteria. Blogs have a special part to play in modern SEO techniques, as they offer the website owner an opportunity to maximise exposure in a completely different way to conventional techniques.

Broken Links:

We review broken links on your site on a monthly basis and fix those that could have SEO benefit. Fixing them may involve correcting a spelling mistake or redirecting the link to an appropriate landing page.

Canonicalisation Issues:

Having multiple URLs that display identical information content can be problematic for SEO and are collectively known as “canonicalisation issues”. This can lead to a dilution in authority and is something we aim to fix across the site.


Delicious Webdesign has professional SEO copywriters who write strategic copy for Search Engine spiders whilst still creating copy that is informative and retains readability.

Duplicate Content:

If your content is duplicated on other websites, there is a risk that site may rank in search engines for your content. As part of our monthly work we will check for duplicate content issues and deal accordingly.

Free Directory Submissions:

These are great at giving the website a good solid foundation to build upon with a strong link building campaign (one way links). Delicious Webdesign submit your website each month to a defined number of directories depending on the requirements of the project, all of which are reported on each month through the SEO marketing suite. In turn this increases your exposure on the internet and improves the traffic and natural backlinks to the site thus increases the rankings on the search engines.

Internal Linking:

Linking keywords in text is a great way of building authority to multiple pages of a site, and also increases the likelihood of a search engine spider crawling and indexing more pages. We will link throughout the site according to the keyword strategy.

Meta Tags:

Title and description tags are a key part of any SEO strategy. Delicious Webdesign’s SEO programmers follow a particular format when writing Meta tags that we know to be successful, and that encourage rankings and click-throughs.

One Way Links:

We have a team of link builders who work with the SEO Programmers to generate one way links from relevant websites across the internet to your site, thus acting as votes of confidence to the site in the eyes of the search engine spiders. This improves the authority of your site and this will have an effect on the rankings of your site as backlinks are one of the major factors that the search engine spiders take into consideration when listing sites. With the average lifespan of 6 months for an online link it is important to get a good mix of PR1 and 2 links with contextual one way links.

Paid Directory Submissions:

Delicious Webdesign have the ability to submit your website to up to 100 Paid Directories. These directories have been researched as the most effective paid directories on the internet today. We will submit your site to these directories and report on this through our SEO reporting suite. Once accepted, these will pass significant authority to your website and in turn improve your SEO listings.

PR Links:

These are links that come from a site that are in a similar area or industry as your site, this is so the search engines see you as being more relevant and therefore give the link itself, and your site, maximum authority. These links will come from a wide range of sources and will broaden the linking profile of your site. PR links are a great way of generating authority to a website and are incorporated into our monthly linking packages.

Press Releases:

Our in house copywriters will write a newsworthy article about your site/business and this will be submitted to 100 partner Press Release portals who will then feed it out through their networks. The benefit of this is twofold, for SEO purposes this Press Release will contain a backlink to your site and secondly for brand awareness. A Press Release is a great platform to enhance the branding profile as well as being a great way to generate buzz around a new product or service that you may provide.


Search engine robots (also known as crawlers or spiders), are programs that traverse the web, seeking out content and making sense of the web’s structure. The robots.txt file can allow us to restrict a crawler’s access to pages; ensuring only important, high value pages are crawled.


Search Engine Optimisation is an art, not a science. We apply techniques which are tried and tested and known to help websites improve their search engine performance. Techniques are researched and monitored on-going to improve our service offering. Techniques at all times will meet the requirements of Google Webmaster Guidelines. We monitor and report the progress through on a monthly basis, assessing as we go, to give your website the best chance of a high-ranking. However, we cannot provide guaranteed results and it is important you realise your rankings can rise or fall over time, however good your SEO strategy is. It is therefore important that you understand the content of this proposal and the work that we will carry out for the agreed monthly fee.

SEO Friendly Headings:

Headings on a page take the form of H1, H2 or H3 tags and are another indication on on-page relevancy. Where possible we would amend headings to be in line with the keyword strategy for that page.

Site Architecture:

The layout of a website affects usability and therefore navigation which in turn is one of the criteria for ranking on Google. The easier it is to navigate through the site, the higher the website will rank. Improvements to navigation will be made to enhance this part of the on-page SEO.

Sitemaps (XML and HTML):

Sitemaps allow search robots to be fully aware of all pages on a site and help to fix a poor site structure on large sites. Delicious Webdesign will create these for each client as part of the on-page work, and will update them monthly where necessary to keep on top of additions to your site.

Social Bookmarking:

Social Bookmarking Submissions will add benefit to building links across multiple pages ensuring the linking profile is kept well spread and natural, you will also see the benefit of the blogs achieving higher rankings for longer tail terms due to the increased amount of links to each post.

URL Structure:

Keyword Rich and relevant URLs can have bearing on how high a website ranks in search listings. Where possible we will use keyword-rich URLs

Validation Errors:

Certain validation errors can cause issues with search engines being able to access and understand all content on a page. Delicious Webdesign will review detrimental validation errors of pages we are optimising, and fix any that could cause SEO issues.