You will be amazed how flexible we are when it comes to building and planning your website but it made us laugh to recently see how inflexible one of our competitors were when a client asked them to remove a logo from a few images. Not everything is thought about or discussed in detail when planning a website and we know that our flexible approach will suit and help the project progress smoothly.
[Essex Website Designer] Hi after you told us that you didnt want to proceed with the website as we told you that the photos would require extra work to remove the watermarks / logos embedded in them we didn’t realise that removing the logos would be a deal breaker for you. If this is the case then we can remove the logos from the image but cropping images to remove the logos may not be possible with some as the image will be cropped over the girls in the images, therefore our graphic designer has told me that the logos can be manually removed with photoshop techniques and if you want us to remove the logos from all 10 images then we can do that within the same cost but there will be another 1 day added to the project duration.
Hope this is acceptable and hope it shows we are willing to be flexible to get your project done to your requirements. If this is not acceptable then we are willing to do a partial refund of your deposit payment if you provide your bank details.
We are keen to complete your project as our terms and conditions clearly state that we do not offer full deposit refunds. This is due to the time and effort in preparing a project before it commences. We have invested already time and effort into your project to get it done correctly for you. In light of your comments previously we are willing to remove the watermarks from your images as part of the agreed project price.
[Website Client] We are not interested in ‘getting the project back on track’ which I clearly stated in an email we have decided that we will not be going ahead with either of the websites with your company. Also you had obviously not started the project as the email below you sent stated you wanted us to keep sending all photos / text / requirements and once complete and when we get to your project it will be started. We did not respond to this email until today which is when we decided not to go ahead.
We have also have spoken to the bank about your kind offer of a refund if we did not find aspects of your work acceptable, so she is very well aware of the whole situatiuon with regards to our deposit monies. We have not found your attitude to the proposed website work to be at all professional thats why we decided not to go ahead as we considered that your company was going to add on costs to an agreed budget.
The bank are well aware of your offer of a refund, as no work was started, I attach your own words (again) We are very disappointed at you and your company going back on your offer. We will be going to Delicious Webdesign as they are being much more understanding to our situation.

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