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Website Redesigns: Responsive all the way

Example Questions that we get asked on a regular basis include website redesign requests and here are some example exchanges between potential website client and website designers:

[Website Client] We have a client that walked into our Brentwood branch today who needs a new website. She has purchased the domain name but will need hosting and emails. It will be a basic 5 page website with a blog, they are very confident that they want a website that looks and works well on the iPad (told them we can handle responsive website designs). Can you let me know the cost for this please? Let me know when you are free next week so we can have a meeting. I have another couple of potential larger websites so would like to discuss these further with you. I attach a list of website updates / fixes from the last website project you submitted back for testing.

[Web Designers] Thanks for the website enquiry.  I can confirm that for a standard business brochure website with a news section or blog would be about £800 depending on the exact specification.

We use WordPress or Joomla for our CMS systems now which is the best system to protect the site from the latest security threats and offers the maximum flexibility.  This also allows Google to crawl and rank our websites better as they are designed with the search engines in mind from day one. Depending on how complex the blog needs to be depends on the pricing but normally we can handle if in our standard pricing. Look forward to hearing back from you and will give you a call when we are back from Holiday to discuss a possible date to meet up to discuss the other projects.

[Web Designers] Thanks for the website update list work through these snags / tweaks. The navigation error may be due to you using an outdated browser, after doing some investigation it looks like you are using Internet Explorer version 7 or lower (current version is 9) Can you confirm your Browser type. You can be assured it has been tested on all modern browsers (IE8 and 9, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome) and the site looks and works perfectly.

With regard to changing the icons (are you saying that all of them are not appropriate?) that will take us approximately another 1-2 hours to implement once they are re-created and provided by the graphic designer, but we did assume that these icons was agreed and approved before we got them. Personally I think the graphics should be an envelope and phone, these icons would be more appropriate and easy to view as a small icon, happy to leave this decision  between yourself and your graphic designers.

We can set up your email remotely if you can’t do it yourself from the email document provided. We can remotely setup email on your Machines if you install and run some remote control software then phone us and provide ID and password for us to take over your machine and configure it for you.

[Website Client] How do I check which Internet Explorer version is installed on that machine? If that is the issue, is it not possible that other users might be using older versions too? How can I check it works perfectly on tablets like the iPad as I know everyone uses these now. Is it called Responsive Webdesign? someone told me that so it maybe wrong.

I’ll liaise with the graphic design team about the icons.  We had raised this before, but a little more work is required along the lines that you suggest.

The remote approach to setting up the PCs seems sensible.  I’ll arrange a time with the client for him to contact you and go through this.

Website Redesign Request 1

They want to update the copy (which they will provide), have a blog added, and add social media links. The problem is the guy who set it up for them has moved to Australia and they have no way of getting the hosting details etc – they have asked if there is anyway you are able to access it??

Website Redesign Request 2

This needs a complete redesign. It will probably be 5 pages (to be confirmed) and would like a blog. They really like the look and feel of the other websites you have done. Are you able to give a price please? If you need anything else, please let me know.

[Web Designers]

Ok estimated costs are

1, Customised Blog £250 (assuming they want the blog to look like the rest of the site)

Website Updates are £30 per hour and if they want social media links it may take about an hour

As they have the site registered to themselves I can probably get this registration transferred which will mean we host the site which will be the standard cost of £55

Customised Blog (news section) built into his current website will be £250 (this is the standard rate for all customised blogs) and if they want the website navigation changed to include a new button / link (News) then we can do that as part of the price above.

If his current hosting doesn’t offer database access, then we can transfer and re-configure the site on a premium hosting platform which will include website hosting for 1 year / email setup etc.

Changes to the website will probably be straight forward and if minor will not charge, timely / complex changes are normally charged at our standard website update cost per hour or part thereof.


2, Like that guide site, would be able to create something similar for them obviously not enough info to create a quote but guide prices are on this package page.

For us to have a better idea about what they want need to know about

a)      Size of website (page names – number of services)

b)      Webcopy provided or are we to create it?

c)       Images provided ?

d)      SEO options

e)      Blog – Assume customised / integrated blog