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This was a question I was asked the other day by a potential client and it got me thinking. When we started out all projects were accepted and we had a broad portfolio of work, including ecommerce, flash, and static websites but now we have come to specialise in Business Brochure websites for startup / small and medium sized businesses.

We don’t go in for website design competitions and actually don’t really want to win website design awards as we believe that work / money spent on a website should ensure that it isn’t lacking in any area and therefore money spent on making it look that 5% better may not make any difference.

The website should work well on all browsers and should validate to current standards (W3C validation), it should work (nothing worse than a link on a website that doesnt work or gives you a missing page error. The website should look great (but once it looks great there is no need to tinker with the look for hours and hours on end) as long as the site is attractive enough not to turn the website visitor away then its done its job. The Search Engine Friendliness of the site is very important to ensure it features and ranks highly for its target search terms.

All these factors together go into all our websites:

Looks Good
Works Well
Navigation Clear
Search Engine Friendliness

We don’t sacrifice one factor for another and if we lean towards any of the factors it’s the Search Engine Friendliness of the site and it is common for clients to hire us to work on their site for a period after launch to ensure it ranks as high as possible. Our Search Engine Optimisation Projects are very cost effective and can be tailored to your needs.

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