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Photos for your website

Photos that you put on your website should be owned by you or purchased from a stock photo agency that gives you permission to use them. This will avoid any potential legal problems and ensure your website looks unique and fresh. The following statements to a client demonstrates what could happen if you provide images you ‘find on Google’ or you dont have permission to use.

[Delicious Webdesign to Client] We received a phone call from a guy claiming to have rights over the pics on the website, I checked this out and it appears they are from his website! Due to the potential legal consequences and seriousness of this and the fact he said you haven’t been answering the phone I think I smoothed the situation over and took the decision to buy some other photos and got one of our guys to stop the project he was on and to get them put on your site.

I cant remember exactly where the photos originally came from but its possible that you send them to us or the guy that build your website took them from google images (bad) I havent checked my old emails to review this but know for a fact its something I really am aware of and tell clients all the time that they must either buy or own the images / text they have on their sites.