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Intelligent website programming

Here is some advanced functionality we delivered on a website project, the project is for an advanced website that allows back-end administrators to manage all aspects of the website. We believe in listening to exactly what you want and producing a website that eases your work burden while making your work process as efficient as possible. We make technology work for you.

Advanced Advertising Module
There will be various different advertising areas for clients which will be explained in the Advertising portal website plan.

Website Designer
The inbuild website designer will allow the administrators to change the style and the layout of the website at any time which will allow for seasonal changes or a general refresh depending on all the marketing requirements – The full details of the site designer are within the website eCommerce brochure.

Top Level Admin Users
This is an area where the super user can make changes to all members and admin users of the website and change the password or email address which can be used if a user forgets their password or username. They may also change their email address.

Home Page / About us
Both these areas can be edited through the content management system where the admin team can edit text or add images or even embed video from Youtube or vimeo The way to do this will be shown in training. All this is edited through a WYSIWIG Editor

Products / Categories
The admin users can add, delete or make amendments to any product or category. The admin team can also add images, prices and text for this area. All the text can be edited through the WYSIWYG Editor

Customer Account Area
This area is a full customer account management area where the admin team can keep track of; Access Customer Account Details, Search Customer Database, Generate Invoices, Order Reports and View Order Management. This is also the area where customers can add edit and delete products and Categories – Please see the ecommerce specification for the full features which will be fully taught to the top level admin user.

Blog / News Page
This area will be kept updated by the admin team who will be able to add content to the blog. When ever a blog is made a date will be displayed by it. A comments section will be available to all users of the website. These will be viewed by the admin team before they are added to the website All this is edited through a WYSIWIG Editor