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5 reasons why websites should be Responsive

Is your website ready for the responsive generation? If not, it should be!

Check out our top 5 reasons why your website should be fully responsive.

1. Mobile Usage Is On The Rise

Thanks to the convenience of the modern day smartphone or tablet, we are now a generation that actively views the internet whilst on the move. Having a website that isn’t responsive, risks alienating each and every one of these potential new customers. We monitor hundreds of websites and over the last year mobile use (tablets / smartphones) has increased from 20% to 50%. Meaning over all of our websites half of all website visits come from a mobile device.

2. SEO Really Digs Responsive Design

Search engines like Google already understand how important mobile has become. If you’re not optimised for mobile usage, you’re giving up valuable search ranking slots to competitors that are. Become not just customer friendly, but also Google friendly to ensure your website rises through the rankings to be seen by more mobile users.

3. Responsive Web Design Adapts

Responsive Web design will make sure that your site always naturally adapts to the latest screen sizes and device dimensions. Whatever the size of your device, from the original iPhone through to the much larger Samsung Note 5 or iPhone 6+ and other similar devices, a responsive website will resize to fit perfectly. Having a responsive website will also make sure that you don’t have to redesign your site every time a new device is launched.

4. Speed is Key

Responsive web design is fast! As a result, responsive web design makes sure that your site always has the type of speedy loading time that consumers love. If it takes too long for your site to load, they may lose interest and click on over to your competitors sites instead!

5. Google Loves It

In today’s digital environment, websites need to work hard to please the search engines, especially Google. According to Google’s Think Insights, there is a 61% chance that a user will abandon your website altogether if their mobile experience of your site is slow. If they have a positive experience, however, they are 67% more likely to buy your product or service.

Responsive web design will help your site load faster, is preferred for SEO purposes and will generally help create the sales that you’re after in the first place. So, if you would like a bespoke, fully responsive web site that will last you long into the future, call or email us today.