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Website images

Photos and images are great for website, the help the viewer understand the product / service and they give you the opportunity to have your products indexed in Google images. An ongoing problem is when and how clients supply images, so here are our guidelines:

1, If the images is a photograph then supply them in jpg format (standard format for photo images)
2, Graphics or images with a small number of blocks of colours can be supplied in gif format.
3, Image titles should be in lower case without any spaces or punctuation (apart from hyphens) so no apostrophes.
4, The image extension should be in lower case (.jpg not .JPG)
5, Ideally the image size is reduced before sending it to us, ideally an image is no larger than 200kb each
6, Its better for the site in terms of making it easy for the search engines to know what your image is about, if you have descriptive titles for the photos / images.
7, Supply the images to us via dropbox /  email / memory stick or burn them on to a disk and bring / send them to us.

Image naming

All the images that get put on your website need to be in  lower case and have no gaps in the title, hyphens should be used instead of underscores so:

Wedding  Dresses_ 44.JPG should be

wedding-dresses-44.jpg (this is better for SEO and website code compliance

We have had clients send images by phone message and have resized, renamed and added these to their gallery the same day but it makes life easier for everyone to try to stick to the rules (or guidelines) above, but if your a client of ours you know we are flexible and wont mind how we get your images as we have the tools and know how to get them onto your website in the most efficient way.