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photography-ecommerceWe have now done a few photography and e-commerce websites and just recently had the thought that this type of website would be ideal for the ‘club photographers’. These are the photographers that go around nightclubs selling photos they have just taken of the clientele. Instead of only offering one size / quality of photo we believe it would be a more efficient process if the photographers give out cards showing a website address telling people that they can see / buy their pics the day after and as well as being able to buy the standard 6*4 pics they can also buy them on canvas and in all sizes on standard photo paper.

The recent Photography and E-commerce websites we have completed include: – click on clients as an example of the e-commerce part of the site click on client gallery for e-commerce part of the website (this is a new one) this is selling prints not photos (click on buy to view the e-commerce part)

How will it work? Our idea is that it would be much better arrangement if the photographer, on the night he or she takes the photographs, actually gives the client a card with the website name on it allowing people to buy from the site the day after when they are looking through the photos ‘from the night before’ after they have seen the link on Facebook or Twitter. This will give the photographer or club more potential to earn money from the photographs that are simply sitting on the camera’s the memory card. We believe that there is more potential to earn money from the website than the few £10 sales for photographs that are taken on the night.

How is this better than what happens now? Clients will receive the images they order posted to their home address on the medium of their choice instead of small low quality prints that are overpriced and probably get ruined on the way home from the nightclub, we think that clubbers and especially girls would love this type of service.

How much does this cost? There are some factors that can affect the price, depending on how much SEO (website promotion) and how big you want the site, the number of normal galleries and pages that you want on the static part of the website. The cost will be between £1500 – £2200. As the company is a photography company we would expect that they supply all the photos for the site and photographs in their galleries. Included in this cost would be the training on how to use the admin part of the site. Optional costs would be for us to provide the text (webcopy on the site) but regardless of this the costs quoted include everything to get your new site up and running and earning money from your bar / nightclub photography.

What about people copying the photos? It goes without saying that people will want something for nothing but watermarks can be automatically put on the images, these watermarks will also act as an advert to draw people to the site after the photos are inevitably shared / shown on Facebook.