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Six Website Mistakes

Basic mistakes can cripple a website and stop it making money. But the good news is they’re easy to fix. Find out where you might be going wrong and what you need to change.

Can local customers still find your business through Google?
The way Google shows local search results has changed. Find out what’s different and what you need to do to make sure customers can still find you.

Do you know how well your website performs?
If you’re not monitoring the right website stats, you won’t know if your site is performing well or not. Get to grips with the right metrics from the reports we will send you on a monthly basis.

Social Media
Are you making obvious social media mistakes?
Social media is a great way to reach potential customers. Avoiding simple mistakes like simply not updating your social media accounts and asking to ‘like and share’ with no content will help you run great social campaigns.

Quality Content
Is your website content good enough to impress Google?
Google loves websites with quality content. Find out what the search engine is looking for and learn how to give it what it wants by listening to our advice.

Are your images optimised for search engines?
Optimising your images for search engines is crucial if you want to make your site as easy to discover as possible. Find out what you need to do by listening to our advice once we complete your website.

Loyal customers – the key to business success
Discover why customer loyalty matters so much and how you can use it to build a stronger business.