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Your Competition's Website

If your main competitor’s website always ranking higher than yours? Do they have more work / business than you? Perhaps we can help. We find that every business can benefit through improvements to their website and the way they are using the Internet. You may have tried before, done everything you can but still your business is not benefiting as it should. Hardly surprising when you look at the rate of change the Internet is experiencing. I know how you feel and can help if you want more visitors, more conversions, a proper ´social marketing strategy´ etc..

For example we can help your business build a strong brand awareness with a customized lead capturing Facebook Local Business / Google Places page, Don´t worry about ´throwing good money after bad´ – all our work is guaranteed. The free consultation process alone will benefit your business. I´ll show you how to beat that annoying competitor that always seems busier than you.

Cost? For many businesses, it adds no additional cost, but merely ‘shifts’ from a lesser performing media to better ones.

We are not some giant corporation wanting only to collect a big paycheck from you. We take pride in my work and work on a more personal level as your success is my success as well.

So give me a ring or email and we will show you the different avenues you are currently missing out on that can give your business the boost it needs today.