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Why Google Hates Your Website

That’s a question many of us have ask ourselves, we’ve got a great looking site, we’ve added our services, galleries, news posts, taken care of it, and when we search for our business name, it’s there in the results, we can see the site, but no one else can. Why?

Well the truth of the matter is that Google are trying to deliver great user experience for their users, people just like you and me who use it’s search engines daily.

And if you have used any of the other search engines like Yahoo and Bing you’ll understand why Google is so good, and why we keep using it. But as a business, in order for our website to be considered as a “good” website in the eyes of google we have to jump through a few hoops, and for our site to do that we need to use a little SEO.

I am sure you have come across that term before. If you haven’t, It is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. All it means is to optimise your website to influence the search results so that your website appears in the top results for relevant terms associated with your business.

So, if your business is a block paving company, plumber, electrician or builder, you appear at the top of the results when someone types in those terms.

Why Is It So Important To Your Business?

Why is SEO so important to your business? When we talk about the organic results in Google, we are talking about the natural / free results, not the ads.

Over 70% of business transactions start with a Google search and if you have an online store – 81% of shoppers research online before they buy.

So, with more that 3.5 Billion searches made on Google Daily, it’s important for your business not only to be in the mix, but to be at the top. Having your site in the number one spot, you can expect to receive over ONE THIRD of all the traffic for that search term.

Once you fall outside of the top 3 positions volume drops off significantly and virtually no one at all goes to page two, so you definitely don’t want to be there.

The question is, how do you do that, and what do you need to do so that you’re website is found for those key terms?

Well,contrary to what you might believe or have been told, there is no secret formula behind SEO an definitely no fairy dust you can just sprinkle to magically appear in the top spot, Instead you have to adopt a formulaic approach as well as tried and tested processes.

Those can be broken down into the following key areas you need to work on.

Your website and hosting

Choose fast / reliable hosting based in the country you operate in.

Build a Responsive / SEO friendly website as the foundation

Correct keywords: Understanding your customers and writing in the language they understand

Content: providing solutions for you customers through answering their questions

Links: Building links from other websites to yours to build authority

Marketing: Ongoing content marketing to build awareness and authority, as well as driving traffic

Measuring success: Analysing your content for what is performing best and reacting to these results

So that’s the basic theory about how to get your site loved by Google, and if you would like to know a little more about the specific aspects listing above, we will happily take on your website and improve it for your business.