Recent review we done for a client, to give you an idea of the first brief overview we give.
What did we do?
• Built a list of keywords
• Searched for each keyword
• Ranked every website found
Well, what an excellent site! I’m attaching the summary of the scores, and a presentation format that gives you the highlights / most significant points.
In short, it comes up well, and against the competitors you spoke of too, although when you look into the detail, you will see a point that says ‘Ranks poorly on search engines’. Check the spreadsheet – what this is referring to is that although you may well be #1 for the main search terms, there are a number of other search terms in your meta tags that are not so strong in the search engines, to such an extent that I might query the value of having them at all. Some are simply far too broad / generic to be of value (‘exam’, ‘course’, ‘instructor’….) and others just not registering on Google (‘padi instructor courses’)
In terms of what additional actions you could do, a few points emerge around driving more traffic to the site and converting it:
Social Media. You have a Facebook page but no Twitter presence (or if you do, we couldn’t find it linked to the site). Given the nature of what you do, I would have anticipated that Social Media could help you quite a lot
PPC – I can see too that you have a PPC ad, but the results from it look like a testing of the water (pardon the obvious pun). Again, I might expect that PPC could drive additional traffic to the site. That said, I wouldn’t include the Google AdSense on your front page, if at all – I appreciate you are advertising dive companies, but it risks site visitors clicking through and away from your site and affecting your own conversion
More user ‘engagement’ features, building on (a) video and (b) your instructor profiles. I would suggest too thinking about what the actual conversion goal of the site is (Filling in the Contact Form?) and making this more prominent, and structuring the content to guide site visitors to this goal. Also link your analytics to it
Regarding Your lack of Twitter account
What could I do on Twitter?
• Talk to users directly
• Spread word of your site
• Build a marketing asset
Why should I care about social Media like Twitter and Facebook?
• Over 600m social users
• 22% of all time online
• Impacts SEO
• Impacts credibility
Why is the Freshness of a website important?
• Positive effect on search
• Positive effect on users
Substantial amount of content
Occasionally shared socially
Writing is quite easy to understand
Quick to load
Analytics is used
Updated regularly
additionally some technical points for consideration for the SEO of the website
Will the points below be possible? I consider point 1, especially, to be very important in terms of the SEO of the site. The title of any page is agreed upon by SEO experts as the number 1 on-page ranking factor and having all pages ‘diluted’ with the standard index page title text cannot be beneficial for long-tail searches.
1, Is it possible to not have the main website title added to the end of the product name to form each page title (on every product page) Currently all page Titles on the products pages are made up of the product name + page title from ‘website promotion and marketing’ options.
This dilutes the page title unnecessarily and normally makes the title longer than the 60-70 chars that is recommended
2, There are a couple of html errors within the framework (not closing a specific function, not giving type type=”text/javascript” to the javascript function, incorrect parameter for align command, not closing a function). These are not user / admin accessible and was wondering if they would be easy to fix (we know that xhtml / css compliance is a small factor but better to comply than not and these may cause display probs on some browsers)
3, Additionally to point 1 I see that the description and keywords meta data has a similar setup whereby the main description and keywords are added on to the end of the individual descriptions and keywords, is there a way to change this or opt out of it.
If you wish to give us a call to follow up on any points, please do

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