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Website Evolution

We aim to build long term business relationships with our clients and we are never happier when existing website and SEO clients ask us our opinion or advice about their websites and the promotion of their websites. The reason we get asked is that we become a trusted and valuable business associate having contributed in a big way to their business by giving them a website, re-designing and updating their existing site or promoting (via search engine optimisation SEO or search engine marketing SEM) their site.

A good example of that business relationship is shown below in iterations of a company website (An Essex Electrician company) that was actually one of our first ever clients and one that has stayed with us and had a website re-design, SEO program, logo design and a PPC campaign.

The result of the work we have performed on the site is shown by version 3 of the site below (launched 31st May 2010) that shows a site that dedicates one page to all the main services, is user friendly and search engine friendly in design.


Version 1 Pre 2006
We took over the website from another company



Version 2 2006-2010
A budget redesign of original website, site highlights main services and is XHTML compliant






Version 3 2010-2017
Result of full redesign / update and content (webcopy) update that was recommended after the SEO program. New Logo created and used on website





Version 4 2017 onwards
Responsive (mobile / touch friendly) website that is fully content managed (CMS – WordPress), all content was updated and the site boast professional stock images that rotate and resize depending on the size of the screen or device. The website now has a SSLcertificate and can be seen here