This is a recent report for an Essex Builder’s website that wasn’t ranking very well for one of their ‘main’ search terms.
Why is your website under performing?
To give you an idea of some of the areas that we will investigate fully, should you become a client we have analysed some of the key factors which may need to be addressed for your website to start generating you more business. Please note that we have limited our analysis to looking at the first page of your website from one search engine’s perspective and have only looked at a sample of the many factors that may effect your listings. Please note that should you become a client many more factors will be taken into account and we may revise the initial findings of this preliminary report.
Server Header Your server status header is currently 200. This is normal and should not cause any problems.
This information is provided to each search engine that visits your website. Our consultants sometimes need this information to establish which technology your web server uses.
Keywords It is important to establish the best keywords for your site. Many factors need to be taken into account when doing this including what your website offers, what people search for and the competitiveness of words and phrases. The best keywords are those that will ultimately deliver the most relevant visitors to your website. Once keywords have been established keyword density is one of the factors that search engines consider.
The keyword density of the keywords used in this preliminary report is currently:
essex = 28 (0.44%)
builder = 11 (0.2%)
Title Tag Title Your title is one of the most important tags and should contain your keywords.Your site’s title is currently quite short and you may be missing an opportunity to include more keywords and phrases.
Meta Tags Your website’s meta tags are pieces of code which help the search engines determine the content of your website.
Keywords: Whilst the meta keywords tag is not used by major search engines, it is still important to format this properly if your site is to list highly on some other search engines.
We need to ensure that your meta keywords tag contains the most effective words to generate relevant visitors.
Description: In some circumstances some search engines display the contents of the meta description tag on the search engine results page under your title. It needs to attract attention on the search engine results page and draw your customers in.
Your description tag needs examining by one of our SEO consultants to make sure that it is as attractive as possible to both search engines and customers.
XML Sitemap Sitemap – Your site currently has an XML sitemap which will be helping your site to perform. We will make sure this is formatted correctly so that the search engines can find every page on your website.
Robots.txt File – Your site currently has a robots.txt file. We will check that it is correct, as your site could be inadvertently telling the search engines to ignore certain pages or content.
Incoming Links One of the most important factors that determines your site’s listings is the quality and number of incoming links. These links are analysed by the search engines to produce a factor which is used in their calculations. As the quality of inbound links has to be considered, we will analyse these links for you.
Google Analytics As your site is currently running Google Analytics software, you will probably have noticed that your keywords are not returning as much traffic as you’d like. By analysing and adjusting your website, we will ensure that your site is generating traffic from key words and phrases that people are using.
Broken Links Your website currently has no broken links. A broken link can lead to problems for the search engines, so it is important that any links you add are formatted properly.
Page Size Your homepage is currently 57.32 KB. The larger a page is, the longer it takes to load which puts your visitors off. We will be able to advise you how best to streamline your pages.
Flash Content Your site contains no Flash content. In some cases, search engines can have trouble reading Flash content so always consult your SEO provider before adding Flash to your website.
Page Loading Speed Your homepage takes 0.14 seconds to load. The faster a page loads, the more chance you have of your customers staying around to make an inquiry.
NOODP/NOYDIR Tags Your site does not contain NOODP nor NOYDIR tags, and as such may be displaying Yahoo! or Open Directory descriptions on the search engine results pages. As these descriptions can often be quite poor, we normally recommend having these tags and if that is the case we will be able to add them for you.
Other URLs Listed on Your IP Address Your site is currently sharing an IP Address with at least 3 other URLs. Being listed on the same IP as other websites is quite normal however if you share an IP address with websites that search engines take a negative view of then this can be detrimental to your website’s listings.
Location of Host Your site appears to not be hosted in the UK. The location of the host is one factor that search engines take into account when deciding whether to list a website when a regional search is performed on a regional search engine. We will establish if this is having a negative impact on your website.
Alt Attributes Your homepage’s pictures do have alt attributes which search engines favour. We will check the contents of those alt attributes to ensure they contain the correct keywords and phrases.
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