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previous wrote about how in demand our webcopy services are, this promoted me to add another page on the site to explain a bit more about the benefits of good webcopy on your website and how it shouldnt be overlooked.
At Delicious Webdesign we dont want to be an Award winning website design company at the expense of the other aspects of a website, we go for the all-around or holistic approach to website design whereby we ensure the website is geared towards the goal of the website owner which is normally making them money. We ensure that a website looks great, works perfectly and is updated with the latest industry standards (W3C Compliance for xhtml and css code) as well as ensuring that the site is optimised (SEO) and a big part of the SEO process is ensuring the website text is unique, relevant and search engine friendly.

Take a look at our page dedicated to the benefits of having your website copy done professionally

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