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Get your Essex Website Promoted in Search Engines

We are assuming you are an Essex based business and you have a website and are obviously keen to move your site rankings up in the search engines as you appreciate that increased rankings mean increased visitor numbers that should convert to increased enquires and sales, and so here is an indication of what SEO involves, and the kind of costs you would be looking at.

There are two sides to SEO
The first is the initial build, architecture and content writing of the website, and ensuring this is all optimised. The second is the ongoing phase – link-building. Search engines rank sites higher when other sites link to them, because it shows that your site must be a valuable source of information. So if you were to enlist a SEO agency to do this, in layman’s terms they are making a continual effort to get your website link mentioned on other websites, and there are a number of ways in which to do this.

Depending on the site / your requirements the competitiveness of the business sector you are in a low-end sum to invest on this would be around £1,000 over an initial 3 month period. Depending on the campaign that ourselves as your SEO company would put together for you, this could include digital advertising, content writing for other websites etc. Obviously the more investment you put in, the more time would be spent on it and in theory the quicker your site would move up the rankings.

However, we don’t recommend that you spend your money on this, certainly not yet
It’s quite likely that your current website is not built or written in a very search engine friendly way. Simply making these changes to your website may well make your website move up the page rankings naturally, particularly bearing in mind that your particular industry may not be hugely competitive online.

Whether or not that is the case, there are quite a lot of things that you can do yourselves that will help your site to move up the ranks as well. Primarily this is to do with the social media side – blogging, twitter, Facebook etc. The most important aspect about page rankings to appreciate is that it is not an instant thing, and takes time for your site to move up the rankings. (We’re talking at least several months).

Normally its sensible for us to discuss putting together a digital strategy document specifically for your requirements. This would be a one off fee and would contain advice on best practice and how to get your site out there, to enable you to promote it yourselves.