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1st Page of Google after 4 weeks

No that didn’t happen and that’s the point, don’t expect to rank highly quickly and don’t expect the website to automatically bring in lots of clients, you need to work at it like everything in life. This question and answer is a few years old now but the basic ideas are still valid

Q Thanks for the great website, we thing it looks great, I  think I’m up to about page 3 on google when doing  searches in Essex. A friend of mine has a hypnotherapy practice in Southend, where there are loads of hypnotherapists. When you do a hypnotherapist search on google he always seems to come up on the first page of google, and he said he doesnt use any Google Ads.  This is the site would you be able to have a look at it and see how he gets it so high on Google?

Its just that I’m struggling for clients at the mo, have had to go back to the building game (yuk!) until i pick up more clients again. Thought after about 4 months Id be 1st page of google by now, due to your genius SEO skills!

A Your Initial results (250 website visits in the last week) are good and to be expected for a brand new redesigned / re-launched small  and budget website, which is what you specified 2 months ago when we started to build your website. You shouldn’t focus on one search term but your visitor numbers. Let Google / Bing and Yahoo do their job and your website visits should increase as time goes on. You appear for your company name and are registered with all search engines.

As I mentioned previously you need to build your website / social media to be valuable and give lots of unique / valuable and relevant information about your services.

You are now included within Google Places (map listings) so anyone searching should find you and in time you will appear for Essex searches also.

I can confirm you are fully indexed with Google but you have a brand new site and be assured its unique and optimised but time is required to pass before you can expect a steady stream of website visitors and enquirers (work). Also its good to remind you that you opted for a basic website and supplied only a small amount of text and you have no news pages (blog) which we always recommend to make new sites as competitive as quickly as possible.

Your friend’s website is 12 years old with loads of good / unique / relevant content (50 pages) and he is included in business directories and I agree it ranks highly and looks good but you cannot compare it with yours. If you want to match the ‘quality’ of that website to have a chance to rank highly for your key search terms you will need to consider the points below:

If you want to improve your site to make it more attractive to the search engines to get more website visits I would recommend these additional updates / tasks for us and tasks for you to complete:

1 adding your own customised news page (blog) to the website

2 adding more text (another 2000 – 3000 words) for your news pages and your current webpages and ‘services’

3 by renewing your website further in advance this may give google more confidence in your site and increase your rankings (some clients and ourselves are renewed 5-10 years in advance)

4 Let us do a SEO project on the site, come have a chat and I will give you the details of how we can help you promote your own website.

As part of the list above (in point 4) we recommend social media

As recommended a month ago we really recommend you creating your Facebook, Instagram and twitter pages / accounts as there is nothing created yet.

Create an Instagram and Facebook page and dont forget to add email address / website and phone numbers, we can then link it up to the website.

Additionally your website is registered with Google Webmaster tools and no issues have been found