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Marketing Framework

Here is a marketing framework plan overview that we recently sent out, giving you an idea of the high-level plans we propose:
6 Month Marketing Campaign: Monthly Strategy Outline

Strategic Planning

  • Goal – Define the most important goals to grow the business online
  • Success – Measure the different outcomes: Interaction, account growth, click through, lead generation, sales
  • Requirements – Information? Tools? People? To Do List & Don’ts.
  • Story / Flow – What’s our story? Offline to Online
  • Define KRA – Key result activities (daily, weekly and monthly)

Business Goals

  • Define your companies “Online Go To Market Strategy”
  • Design a sales & marketing strategy
  • Define your online voice to complement your brand
  • Define the monthly “content marketing” strategy
  • Design a 12 month Customer Acquisition Journey
  • Set goals – Financial, website, marketing, social media
  • Look at online partnerships & joint ventures


  • Sales & Marketing
  • Social Media
  • SEO, define and prepare your keywords + Google Analytics
  • Digital Marketing & PR
  • Website

Key Drivers

Utilising marketing to increase sales, build brand awareness and grow client database

  1. Communicate brand specialism and increase sales & brand awareness
  2. Provide your target audience with a brand experience that they fall in love with
  3. Grow database with quality leads and customer data
  4. Socialise Website and Digital Marketing
  5. Go to Market Strategy
  6. Up skill you/the team with templates, digital tools and digital strategy

How will this be delivered?

  • By delivering fresh, unique and relevant content
  • ‘Cross pollinating’ creating unique content and using on multiple systems
  • Contacting your target audience and potential customers
  • Engaging with your followers online, to drive them to by offline & online
  • Raising your online visibility
  • Utilising a range of online and offline marketing strategies
  • Broadcasting messages / information and engage in two-way customer retention
  • Working with other influencers in your field to combine ideas
  • Regularly reviewing what’s is doing well as well as updating, tweaking or discarding what is not
  • Actively capturing leads and customer information

Having thought through your new business plans, I would propose, we can add value in the following ways:

Conduct a full audit of the website pre / post launch to ensure it is optimal for you to achieve high volume traffic
Advise on a plan for search engine optimisation. This will include choosing a key-phrase campaign and ensuring there is a plan for building website content and offsite links relevant to that keyphrase
Advise on a plan for generating high volume traffic. This will include the following activities, regularly, over a period of time;
How to access data for all business in Essex
How to reach these businesses efficiently via email marketing and drive resulting leads to the website
How to access data for new business startups in Essex and contact them directly via email marketing. This is a highly efficient and automated process once setup
Working with local business hubs such as the Chamber/ FSB / ISBE / BNI /  Accountants – piggybacking on the publications, social media / newsletters / meetings to spread the word of the opportunity
Using social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) to engage with business people in Essex and stay engaged with them driving resulting traffic back to the site
Linking with other blogs, websites and others social media to drive traffic to the site (those who share the same target markets) – this involves providing written content.
Advise you on further funding for the implementation of this marketing activity plan
Signpost you to trusted parties for the outsourcing of any aspect of the marketing activity plan you deem appropriate