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You really need a News Section

Almost all of our websites are now built with a news section as they are a great way to keep your potential clients up-to-date with your news / services and products. If your site doesn’t have a News Section or Blog, our team of in-house designers and developers can create one for you. Once this has been set up, we will then develop a blogging strategy focused on creating engaging, keyword-rich content that achieves a number of goals.

Position your brand

The News section or Blog gives us a great opportunity to position your brand. Articles or videos on your company or services are a great way to promote your company, and news on partnerships, awards and recognition can reinforce your status as an industry leader.

Increasing site traffic

As a result of the social links, the blog offers an almost unrivalled way to keep bringing traffic back to your website and improving your visibility online. Not only will people follow the link from social media channels back to the blog, but it also helps with search marketing, providing Google and other search engines, regular, relevant and keyword-rich content that will help you to rank. It even gives current customers a reason to check back on the site to see if there are any new updates or interesting posts to read.

Influencer Engagement

As well as creating engaging material for your own blog, we can also seek opportunities to be featured on other high authority industry-leading blogs.


We don’t just anonymously mail hundreds and hundreds of bloggers, we build relationships which are far more conducive to an ongoing partnership. We will identify a list of bloggers and vloggers in your industry, some of which may have already promoted one of your competitors, we will then start to reach out to them and introduce the possibility of working with us. Part of this may involve sending out free samples and remuneration may also be involved, but this will be considered on a cost-by-cost basis. By working closely with them, we can ensure that they provide a fantastic recommendation about your business to their visitors and social media followers.

The result?

This isn’t just any old recommendation. This is a recommendation to thousands of people from a trusted individual who has spent years cultivating trust with their audience. People are far more likely to purchase a product or service from someone they know, trust and regularly read/watch than from a social post. Any links to our site from these bloggers also significantly boost our search marketing efforts as Google loves relevant links from high authority sources. So not only do we drive traffic to the site via these links, but they also help the site to appear higher in the search rankings, therefore increasing organic traffic, as well as referral traffic. In short, by developing an outreach campaign on a significant scale, we would hope to regularly drive thousands of targeted customers to the website every month.