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HTML Webpage Newsletters

To be able to send a webpage by email you need Internet Explorer / Outlook and a webpage that is written with Tables and inline CSS, without javascript and with all the images in the root directory of the HTML page.

To be able to send HTML newsletters from one of our XHTML / CSS websites we would need to rewrite one of the pages and put it in a separate directory then re-code it.

Typically this can be done for an hourly rate of 1-2 hours work. Another alternative is for us to create a standalone table based HTML template written specifically for emails and put your Company logo at the top of it ready for you to send out

How to send a webpage via email
Once this has been completed you will need to:
1 Go to Internet Explorer, navigate to your email html page.
2 Click File > Send > Page by email.
3 Assuming you have Microsoft Outlook as your default email client this will open an email with the webpage in it.
4 Add the email addresses you want to send the page to.
5 Click send and await the business inquiries and / or email opt-out requests from your email contacts.
Hope this makes sense and if you have any other questions please ask (email or phone)