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Emails for Website Design Outsourcing

Pretty much standard advice for all our clients is to ignore all cold calls and emails that claim to be able to give you a better website or to put your website higher in the search engines. Generally they are startup companies and have no track history, portfolio, previous clients, testimonials or offices, take this email below, sounds quite impressive until you realise that their own website is only one page in size with 3 paragraphs and two images!


We maintain Web 2.0 standards and W3C validations in all the websites we design and develop. The website we develop includes:

1. Great first impression
2. Good navigation and usability
3. Quick loading
4. Search engines to access your content

We have a dedicated team of 30 experienced designers, developers and SEO experts. In Graphic/Flash/3D designs, we thrive on the idea that design makes a difference. We can provide you with a fresh, professional image and unique LOOK & FEEL via a recognizable trademark or logo design.

We have our competency in developing CMS, Ecommerce, Social Networking, Job portals etc. We strictly work on performance basis and can assure you of getting quality work done beyond your expectation.

Most overseas firms have achieved a significant amount of savings by outsourcing either complete or part of their work.

We would like to request you for an opportunity to work and AMAZE you with our service.

Also we have received this email below about 5 times recently