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Worried about your rankings?

It’s common to be concerned about your search engine’s rankings but in General if you have a website build in a search engine friendly way with new and fresh content added to it that is backed up by social media accounts that are updated and have likes / followers with links from related sites you should be focusing on your website visitor numbers. If you have a site build by someone else then we can look at it for you and offers some help and advice in the form of recommended updates and SEO tips or a full SEO program. Here is a reply we sent recently to someone concerned about their rankings:

Rankings will always go up and down but I know its worrying for some people when you see a rank slip down even slightly. I would suggest in general that you shouldn’t worry if you know your site is build ‘solidly’ and has unique and fresh content added to it regularly, In general you should concentrate on visitor numbers but your visitor number year on year are down and your website has had no new work / content or SEO for 3 years so so I would suggest your site / SEO need to be reviewed to ensure the site keeps updated and your website visitor numbers are improved upon.

We can give help / advise on how to promote the site or leave you to your own devices but one word of caution if you attempt to ‘get links’ from other websites and create your own content and SEO then I think if you, as a company, decide to act independently to improve your SEO (natural / organic rankings improvements) then you need to be aware that over-optimisation / useless or ‘thin’ content / paid for or ‘un-natural’ links are all factors that could now hurt or de-value your website’s standing / trust / ranking in the search engines.

Trends in SEO and the search engines algorithms change regularly and what worked previously may harm your website (SEO) today. We are aware of  many ‘grey’ techniques that we could employ to improve websites rankings almost immediately but won’t employ them as they are in violation of  Google Webmaster Guidelines / best practises and may eventually harm the website.

I 100% agree with you that your website should rank higher for your ‘key search term’ and could rank higher for search terms that include local areas with your product or services. So would advise you to get us to create a news section (blog on the site) then would suggest you using your news section to create ‘content’ that naturally uses these local areas and your services in the page title and within the news post ensuring it contains natural text about your recent projects and that area.

There is a list here of recommended SEO tasks that will only improve your website’s visitor numbers if they are done correctly.  in general unique / relevant content has to be the basis of any good website, once the content is there it needs to be added to and linked to from social networks (Facebook / twitter etc.).

We obviously complete full 3 month SEO projects as part of our function for clients and will be happy to take on this project completely or partially for you or act in an advisory capacity for yourselves.